Looking for a closed back with good Bass

Hey guys I’ve been an observer of Hifi Guides for about 9 months now. Learned alot and watched waaaayyyy too many zreviews videos lol. I’ve got a pair of hifiman he400se headphones in January and am I love the wide sound stage and detail I can get out of planars is stunning. I am running them with a zen dac (and hip dac when portable)and I have an xduoo mt604 in shipping rn to try out some tubes (I can’t wait!) I’m looking at purchasing my next set of headphones and want to try a more bassy closed back. Any recommendations to pair with a zen dac and/or xduoo mt604 would be amazing I love ya’ll, learned so much on hifi guides!

Budget of around $500 or less

Maybe Foster T50RP or the new Edifier Stax S3.

Since you didnt say your budget ill throw in a few recommendions

Sub 200 - SV0021 - while they have some weaknesses, they are a warm bassy headphone that look great and fairly comfy

200ish - Meze 99, the bassy and fairly “dark” and extremely fun - i would advise swapping pads to get the most out of them but even stock they are a great set.(I personally own the Neo, but all versions have very similar sound characteristics)

400ish - Focal Elegia - they wouldnt be classified as “bassy” because they are so clean and clear their bass hits great and is crystal clear.

P.S i think the IFI zen Dac might have a hard time pushing Fostex Planners to their max potential, the IFI zen can is another story

I’ve been considering T50Rp or Argons Mkiii, haven’t heard about the edifiers tho I’ll check that out, I have the Edifier s2000pro monitors and I’ve been super happy with them!

welcome to HFG, FF!

take a look at the Drop HE-R7DX. :slight_smile:

if you can find Fostex TR-X00’s, the Mahogany variant seems to be pretty available but not a lot of purpleheart or ebony

I’ll check them all out thank you! And I agree I wouldn’t expect the zen dac to be able to properly power the Fostex but you think the xduoo mt 604 would be able to handle them?

unless you get them used Argons are like a 5 month wait time

Dont know enough about the pairing to be sure but it might be ok but maybe jump to the xduoo mt 604 post see if someone tried them together.

Iv’e got T60RP (non-moded but with sheepskin pads) and my hybrid (loxji P20) and they dont work well together. With the IFI zen Can its normally at 3/4 gain setting at 12-1 o’clock to power it properly

I saw zreveiws video on those and he seemed to think the Blon b60s were better for bass, but everyone seems to have very different opinions on the b60s. Some say they have great bass and other say its lacking so I’m pretty lost on that tbh

i run t60rp argons off of zen dac SE. is it ideal? no. but gets plenty loud enough. sounds good with it. detail is lacking a little compared to my lyr3 for instance that has all the power they “need”. bass is a little sloppy comparatively as well. but its a perfectly fine pairing. the 604 has even more horse power and should be perfectly fine.

Good to know, actually super helpful as I’ve been considering Argons for a while

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Might be an exuse to buy the Zen Can its a great warm amp, and the X Bass…
Chef’s kiss :cook:

I’m planning on running the zen dac pre out 4.4mm on back to the xduoo mt604 just so I can keep using that X Bass with more power and try some tubes but I have been looking at that zen can… tempting lol.

thinking about listing my zen can with a 4.4mm interconnect cable if you’re interested

If you didn’t want to wait for the Argons is there a good mix of the Fostex cans and certain pads that yields a solid result? I often see reviews of the Argons but seldom other “do it yourself” mods, or the t60rp by themselves.

Bass, you say? Campfire Audio Cascades, and the Focal Radiance if you can find one secondhand.


Yess I think I could be convinced lol

Meze 99 Classics. $310. Plenty of bass, but be warned it does bloat a bit into the mids. That can be tamed a bit with a pad swap.

Great build quality. No amp needed to drive. Beautiful wooden cups.

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If you snag that Zen CAN from @CTOXmas the Focal Elegia is also worth considering, especially if you’re US-based and can get that Adorama deal. The iFi bass boost and Elegia are something English and something French getting along way better than George III and Napolean would have ever agreed too.