Looking for a DAC for my Kef LS50

I got about 300 bucks for a standalone dac, I got the balanced dac on the Jot for my headphones, but I want something different for my speakers and i dont like that i have to turn on the jot and use it as a preamp with a different volume know that can also control the volume. Theyre being pushed my the Elac EA101Q, although the dac inside of it is nice, I want something different for my speakers. what do you guys recommend???

With speakers like those, I’d consider trying out room correction with the miniDSP HD ($205). You would also need to buy a microphone ($92) as well. The one down side about this thing is the sub par DAC performance. I’m still debating if I want buy these myself since I already use a very good (normal) DAC with my SVS Ultra’s. However the benefits of room correction could greatly outweigh the mediocre DAC performance.

Zeos’s review on miniDSP

They also make the nanoDIGI 2x8 for $170 which lets you use miniDSP features with external DACs via 4 coaxial digital outputs.

DACs for OP:
$180 Geshelli Labs ENOG2 - balanced, no USB input, variable output gain
$250 JDS Labs EL DAC - “because it’s the one I trust the most” -Zeos, unbalanced
$250 SMSL SU-8 - balanced, remote, EQ filters, variable output gain

Sorry to break your topic, but I’m currently thinking about which amp to pair with Kef LS 50 in my small working room. Can you recommend the combination?

Everyone around I ask insists, that the LS50 need at least 50 to 60watts on 8ohm per channel :thinking:


honestly im not looking for any room correction, I think ive set these bad boys up right for my liking. I just want a lower noisefloor, and maybe a good dac can attribute to that. Im looking into the topping d10 as the mx3 has had the lowest noisefloor yet to my ears.

The Topping DX3 Pro should have a better SINAD according to Audio Science Review.

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