Looking for a DAC to pair up with my Heresy (EU)

I finally got my hands on a Schiit Heresy after an absurdly long waiting time. It should arrive at the end of this week.
Now to my question which would be a good DAC to pair the Heresy up with?
Currently I use the DT 990 (250 ohm) & MMX 300 2. Gen.

Would it be worth to wait for a restock on the Modi 3+? Or are there maybe better options in the same price range?

Thanks in advance!

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Forget the Modi and get the Khadas Tone Board ($99) or a SMSL Sanskrit 10 Mk II ($109). Both sound better and have more features and better measurements than the Modi.

Yes and no. Yes to complete a stack for a matching look, no as in most DACs under 200USD sound more similar than different so you should go for whatever is available if urgent

so for DACS that are easily available to me are:
SMSL M100 - 80€
SMSL 10 MKII - 106€
Topping D10s - 100€
Topping D30 - 140€

Are their notible differences between these? Or other options under 150€?

Not in my experience

I had a Modi 3 when I had a heresy. It sounded great but I don’t think it supports DSD. Yeah I liked my Modi / Heresy stack when I had it. It’s really up to you as, far as waiting for a Modi but there are definitely better DAC’s out there in that price bracket. :notes::headphones:

If you need a mic input, G6 might also be an option purely as a dac. If you can get it on b-stock it is only 80 euro

What would be better DAC’s?


Available in EU and genuinely a good DAC at the $200ish price range. You’re going to want a linear power supply for it down the road to improve the sound even further. But this DAC will grow with you.

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