Looking for a DAP

Hello all, pretty soon like in a month i will be on the hunt for a dap. Now i am trying to decide between the Fiio m11 pro also the plus and the hiby r6 2020. All i will be using with it is a pair of iems and maybe my sundara 2020 revision. i will also be looking to buy a headphone that is greatly complimented by this dap. either a iem or a headphone. my budget for the iem or headphone is no more than $400. All help is greatly appreciated.

Lots of DAPs on the market. But in my opinion you should look for feature you feel you need first. Do you stream? if so you may have to opt for a mid-range android dap. If not then my vote goes to looking for cheaper models as the hiby R3 pro will have have plenty of power and be clean enough. Mine manages to drive my Argons to usable volume at 50%

I don’t stream however i do use poweramp as my main player. I am also looking for one great sound quality.