Looking for a Desktop DAC/AMP and or Combo for around $200 USD

Hello, I currently own Sennheiser HD58x’s and I’m looking for an audio upgrade over my motherboard audio, currently, I’m looking at a few options or units that I have my eye on but I’m kinda uncertain on the exact one to buy. I like to listen to music through Spotify premium using the very high preset, and I also like to play games on my computer.

Music (rap, emo rap, rock, metal, hip hop/pop, and indie-pop.)

I would prefer a clearer and more detailed sound over a gaming neutral soundstage if that makes any sense.

  • Ifi Zen Dac
  • Fiio K5 Pro
  • Schiit Modi 3 & Magni Heresy Stack

I’m open to other amp/dacs not listed here

Personally im a big fan of the IFI zen DAC, i use it with the IFI zen Can.
The IFI zen dac pairs nicely with the 58X, the Bass boost is awesome and if you ever want to upgrade the amp its still a decent dac. some folks are not a fan of the design but i like the ergonomics of it and the overall layout.
The final selling point is of course the price which is really hard to beat.

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Schiit Modi/Magni. 200 new, keep an eye on the B stock/ clearance can save a small amount. I don’t have one myself but have listened to them at the Schiitr location.
This would have been my choice but the wife let me go a little wild when she saw the tubes lol

iFi ZEN DAC is a charmer. I love mine!

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LOL, Never thought tubes would be an aphrodisiac

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Yeah, I think I’m sold on the Ifi Zen Dac. Probably will buy the v2 version over the original.

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not sure if its worth the extra cash,but I haven’t heard the V2
Personally, i dislike MQA as a selling point, it’s a fancy sticker that is pretty much useless and you have to pay more to get. That being said in the case of the Zen DAC i did read there are some minor audible differences, but i cant say for sure

if you can find the original used with enough savings to buy the iPower AC adapter, I’d recommend that route.