Looking for a good amp for around 100 bucks

I’m planning on buying the hd560s and I’m currently running my hd599’s through my auioquest dragonfly red. I know the dragonfly red is not a good value dac/amp but I bought it four years ago when I was stupid. As a dac it is somewhat reasonable but I want cleaner and more powerful output so I’m now looking for an amp around 100 bucks to pair with my dragonfly red. Anyone got any suggestions?

Ps. the atom amp is out of question since I really dispise rgb and I don’t like the build of that amp.

No idea how well it pairs, the Schiit Magni is recommended sometimes.

I don’t see any mention of RGB on the product page.

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Magni 3+/Heresy
Cavali Liquid Spark
Various Topping/SMSL

Personally I like the liquid spark, but it depends what you are going for.


that’s the build you’re going to find for most $100 amps. and all of them have some sort of LED to show it’s own or what mode / status it’s in.

most are more subtle than the Atom tthough…and based on your comment about not liking it’s build quality, which I assume means plastic case, look at the Schiit Magni 3+ or Heresy amps. they’re case is metal, their power / mode / status is a single LED like most electronics. note that the Magni 3+ is only silver while he Heresy is only black. the Magni 3+ has a warmer sound signature than the Heresy as well.

I think he means the big LED circle around the volume knob.


I assume this is correct, but it’s not RGB just a blue light ring.

I was thoroughly surprised when we compared my Denon DMA715R with the Hegel 90. The Denon is 25+ years old and was around $500, the Hegel was around $1500! The Hegel was better, but not $1500 better! At least not on the test speakers (some $1000 Dali).

I think you posted a message in the wrong conversation :wink:

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my point, unclear i see, was to get an bat-old amp for no money :wink:

they suck for headphones tho, so that’s not a good idea.

If you want a THX amp for a $100, Magni Heresy. If you want something more musical and tiny bit more fun Magni 3+. 3+ is a steal for the tech inside, Magni Heresy has the best in class power and clean for the price.

Magni Heresy sounds better than my THX 887 ESPECIALLY comparing single ended outputs.

Yeah you’re right the atom amp has no rgb, I meant the atom dac.

What do you think about the Topping l30 compared the the atom amp?

That’s still just a blue ring which isn’t really all that bright either. There is no RGB on the atoms

Still the build is pretty bad and it is 40 euro shipping to my country so I think I’ll just buy the topping l30 when It’s on sale.

L30 is quite nice for what it is. Especially if you can get it cheaper anyway it’s a solid pick in my opinion. Though, I am not quite sure why one would be worried about build on an amp or dac just because it has a plastic case… it just kind of sits there on your desk lol.

Yeah I don’t really mind the atom amp but it’s mostly the 40 bucks shipping that puts me off. Also do you think I need a deticated amp at all when I’m already using the dragonfly red on my pc?

depends on the headphones your using. Dragonfly red isn’t all that great imo but it does pack some power and can drive 250 ohm headphones like the beyers well enough. Upgrading the amp will give you more headroom, other sound qualities, and be able to power the most power requiring of headphones such as the 600 ohms or heavier amp requiring headphones like argons

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I totally recommend a dedicated amp as you get into the hobby. The Dragonfly Red is alright as a DAC. A bit narrow for my liking but fun. I would worry about powering planars.

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Are you in the EU?

In that case 140€ for a Liquid Spark could be a good idea.

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