Looking for a good headphone under $400

I’m looking for a new pair of headphones under $400 (can be used) that has a really wide soundstage, ok/good imaging, and a more dark sound signature (although I haven’t owned enough headphones to know exactly what I like). I will primarily play casual games (modern warfare, battlefield v, etc) and listen to some music (I listen to a lot of 60-70’s rock and roll). I plan on buying the topping mx3 as my dac/amp because I also have desktop speakers. My current headphone is the sennheiser 579, which I’m not impressed with at all because of the narrow soundstage, at least in my opinion, and the poor comfort (the way the cups are mounted causes them to never seal on my head). The headphones that I’m eyeing the most are the argon mk3, meze 99 noir, fostex tr-x00, and koss esp/95x. Thanks in advance!

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when you mean dark do you just want a bassy headphone or do you mind highs aswell?

Something to try might be the audioquest nighthawk, although they can be somewhat hit or miss

If you don’t like a narrow soundstage, you might not like the x00 or the esp/95x

I don’t mind highs, its just like I really like to feel the rumble from explosions in games.

Hit or miss in what way?

It’s a signature that some people really enjoy or really dislike. It’s a polarizing headphone.

The LCD 1 could be an option, but it isn’t super wide soundstage wise

If you don’t mind treble, a beyerdynamic dt1990 might be a strong contender with it’s great bass, detail, and wide soundstage

How about the argon mk3’s? I see mixed reactions on the sound stage, some people say they are the widest ever, while some say the dwarf compared to any open back

They are wide but not open sounding. Some people associate wide with open sounding and some associate it with a farther away sound

You would want to get a pretty powerful amp though if you wanted to consider them imo. You could get an emotiva basx a100 and have enough power imo and power your speakers

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Do the argon’s or the nighthawks or the lcd 1’s have better imaging?

I think they are all average imaging, as none really stand out too much. If I had to rank them greatest imaging to worst imaging: lcd1, nighthawks = argons. They are all good but don’t stand out as a stand out feature. Also typically with a more narrow intimate headphone imaging gets better

I think the 1990 does both soundstage and imaging very well though which is rare for a wider sounding headphone

Where should I buy the 1990’s? And do they need a powerful amp?

Which headphone would you say has the biggest “wow” factor? I’m afraid of going too safe since the 579’s had awesome reviews on amazon but I personally am bored by them.

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I would say the 1990 tends to have a pretty big wow factor imo. Lcd 1 does as well but not as much as the 1990 imo. You can buy the 1990 from Amazon or other retailers like that or find a used pair or eBay or stuff like headfi classifieds or avexchange

Just note that some may find the treble on the 1990 a bit much, but it can be tamed with eq or different pads if needed. I mainly mention it because it seems to fit what you may like. Also very comfy to me

Should I get a tube amp for it then?

You could if you wanted to, it would reduce some harshness

I assume the 990 doesn’t compare to the 1990, right? The 1990 sounds like the perfect headphone for me, but It goes for 550 new. If I bought them, I think I’d have to go for a cheaper dac/amp like the fiio e10k or the topping mx3

What can you get them for used?

There is one going for $380 on ebay, but they seem to go for $450 consistently
I’m going to be buying whatever headphone I choose in about a week, so that $380 deal likely won’t last

Gotcha. Well 450 ain’t bad. For an amp, they aren’t super picky but could run off of that mx3 just fine I would say

OK, Thanks! Most responsive forum I’ve ever been on.


Well when you put a bunch of people who are addicted to this hobby in one place stuff tends to happen lol

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