Looking for a good headphones

Hello everyone, I’m new in this space of audiophile and I wanna start with a excellent upgrade of my WH1000XM2 but I don’t know exactly what is the perfect for me

I’m looking for an good headphone, good for music like downtempo, jazz, chill out, trip hop, drum & bass, synth ambient, lounge, lo-fi, dream pop, IDM, EDM, Baroque pop, classic and orchestal

If I’m in the correct, an warm headphones maybe is the perfect option but I don’t feel sure, because i heard classic and orchestal music, maybe and neutral headphones is correct but I love the bass but without lossing high and mids like this Sony, and I love to hear female voice

For type of headphone preference for a closed back and comfortable, I have much noise in my office but if you have an good recomendation of open back one is not problem

My options are: Meze 99 Noir, Beyerdynamic 770, Sennheiser 6XX, 58x
I don’t have DAC/AMP but I have an sound card Sound Blaster ZXR, I think is enough but if need to buy and Dac/amp your recomendations is not problem too

I can expend $500 USD


do you have space for 2 headphones? i think with your budget and wide variety of music, 2 headphones would work better then 1 for your needs.

Yes, I have enough space for 2 or maybe 3 headphones but I not sure is necessary a DAC/AMP for some ones, maybe I gonna buy an 58x with AMP

First off maybe its a good idea to “dip” your toes slowly and not spend all of the budget, but start off a bit slow.

DAC/AMP - think getting something like an IFI zen DAC or a IFI HIP Dac (Depends if you want to go mobile or if its just for office use) might be a good start. they can give you that little bit extra bass without giving up too much, and also a way for an upgrade path.
And you still leaving a fair amount for one maybe two sets of headphones.

Headphones- if its a single set its maybe something maybe the Harmonicdyne Zeus might be right for you, but iv’e only listen to it twice from a friend.

If we are going for two sets, the MH 751 is a good all around without spending too much - it has decent isolation, and its SUPER comfy. that along with something like 58X or a 6XX. and still leaving you with some change for a KPH30I :smiley:
But no need to rush

Imo as someone who listens to most of those genres it just depends on ur budget. The audioquest Nighthawks (would have to find used) would be pretty great. Super warm/bordering dark for many, I personally love it with many things and find stuff like lofi, classical, piano music, hip hop etc to be really nice with it. And I know alot of people like them for edm. If you want to spend less I love the 58x too

Thanks, I’ve thinking to buy an 6XX, but an iFi Zen Dac can drive these? I will buy it an others more, like Meze 99 or AKG K371

I’ve heard great things about the Nighthawks, an are perfect without AMP, maybe I consider it

I should be more than enough, but i havent tried the 6XX, i have tried 58X and its more than enough.
but i think Zoes tried it on his review (he did drive argon which are a pain in power properly)



The Meze 99 Classics sound like the ticket for you, man. Rich, warm bass that doesn’t bloat too badly. You’ll still get solid mids and lovely highs.