Looking for a good Sennheiser HD 25 custom balanced cable

Hey guys, my setup isn’t crazy… nothing like the biggest audio enthusiasts on this forum :slight_smile:

Still, I bought an iFi Zen V2 dac recently and it has a balanced 4.4mm input. So I was wondering if there is any good/custom 4.4mm cable that is compatible with the Sennheiser HD25 (I have the Aluminium limited edition and wanted to give that a try).

Does anyone know where I can get in touch with someone who can make a custom cable for me? Or perhaps a reputable AliExpress seller who already has that.

Thanks guys.

Hm does look like the normal Sennheiser two pin connector so something like open heart cable on Ali should have them
Think you could even find some on Amazon if you look a while

Thanks, I’ll check that out :slight_smile: