Looking for a headphone amp/dac combo to use with my TV for console games

So yeah I have a ps4 as well as a ps3 and switch. I just want a good amp and DAC unit that I can hook up to use my headphones while I play games on the TV. Was looking into a Mayflower arc and then the new schiit hel for the mic input, but realized that I don’t really play competive these days and I’m only really playing console for the exclusives that don’t come to PC. So I don’t really need the mic input.

I also have a Yamaha AVR hooked up to the TV via ARC and thats where all my consoles are passed through via hdmi. I don’t know if it’s possible to connect the headphone amp/dac to the avr and be able to pass all sound through to the headphones?

Any advice or suggestions on how to better accomplish my goal is greatly appreciated.

Edit; this is the avr I have, https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/rx-v381_u/index.html

So you wouldn’t be able to send the output of the receiver to the amp/unit unfortunately as there is no digital or analog out. You could get a dac/amp combo that has a line out to send to your receiver though and connect the dac through optical to your tv

You could get something like a fiio k5 pro or topping dx3 pro

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Yeah I was already looking at the k5 pro as a contender, you rep it enough on here that I’m very curious about checking it out. Also a very good price point, being cheaper than both the arc and hel.

What are the advantages of sending a line out to the receiver though? I figure the optical in from TV to k5pro will get me all sounds coming from TV, which is what I want. What kind of functionality do I gain from sending that signal to the avr from the k5pro?

Actually I guess it wouldn’t make a difference lol. I for some reason was thinking that you couldn’t have arc and optical out both outputting at the same time lol. So I don’t see any issues now


When you would for example a Dac for Ps 4 and Pc.
You can just connect the Ps 4 and maybe the Ps3 just in Optical input.
The big Problem is on the Ps 4,the Only Ps 4 who have a optical output is the Pro and the older Ps 4 but not the Slim.
So you need a Ps 4 Pro when you would connect to the Dac.
And when you would connect to the Pc the Usb connection is suffisant.
On the Tv is possible to connect with Spdif output when you Tv Supported it.
Or when you have a Slim,is maybe possible you can try the Optical Output from the Tv and connect to the Dac.

A Good Dac who support this Option is for Example the Cambridge Audio Dac Magic 100. But you need a Preamp for it.
Schiit Magni 3 or Vali 2.
And connected with a pair good Rca cable and you have a Good Soundstage.(Audioquest Goldenstate for example)

When my example is not okay or to expensive,show Aune series.
They supported a Usb input,optical and Spidf input or a another Dac who supported this function.
Is not a Bad Dac/amp the Aune,but sure not the Best.

A Word to the Cambridge Audio Dac Magic.
I have one,at i find it very Good.He have not the Esabre chip inside.
It‘s a Wolfson chip ,and the good thing is it is warm in Sound.
Not to analitical in the Sound.
You can read some Rewiews on Amazon or show Youtube for more Information.

And with the Schiit Magni or Vali 2 it is a Good Combo.
The Schiit Magni is a little bit static,in comparaison with Vali 2.
With a Right tube you can have a good warm naturally Sound.
But is your choise,what would buy.
Is just a example from my side😁