Looking for a Last.fm scrobbling capable DAP

Right now I use a Hiby r3 pro saber and love it but I’ve started to use Last.fm and want a dap that can scrobble. Any recommendations under $500usd?

Anything with android would do. In that range you could go with Shanling M3X, iBasso DX160 and Hiby R5 Saber or Gen 2 and none would be a bad choice. Fiio M11 also has android, but non open, so I don’t know how it handles scrobbling.
On the other hand there is solution for nonandroid ones with Rockbox compatibility. This way Rockbox logs the data locally and uploads it to last FM on cable connection.

I used to play with last FM couple of years ago and h ponestly I thought it is dead now :slight_smile: