Looking for a microphone solution

My current mic setup is using a Vmoda boom pro but as my headphone collection keeps growing, I’m having to mod headphones or buy adapters to make this work.
I’ve recently just bought some headphones which have a 3.5mm input to each ear so as far as I am aware it will not be possible to use the Vmoda now as nothing exists to jimmy it in line with two inputs to the headphone.

So what solution would be best? What are others that have none removable cables?

I’ve considered a boom arm desk mic but most are pretty large and take up a fair bit of space and a concern is picking up clicky mechanical keyboard sounds. My other consideration is an Antlion Modmic wireless but thinking it may be a faff with a 12hr battery life.

What I’ve been recommended so far is:

  • Fifine 669B (Although I prefer the 683 with mute button)
  • Razer Seiren Mini (No mute button though)
  • A mod mic variant (Don’t want additional cables and the 12hr battery of the wireless puts me off).
  • Samson Q2U (No mute button)
  • Hyper X Solo/Quadcast (The Solocast seems to have a lot of pickup noise)
  • Blue yeti nano.

This will only be used for casual gaming voice chat on discord or ingame voice chats. Device must have a mute button.

Any pointers on what to get or avoid?

That is true when you make the mistake every second youtuber and livestreamer makes (Buying a Shure SM7B is BAD and feeding it into an audiointerface is even worse).

Look into small diaphragm condenser mics such as the AKG P170 (needs a pop filter and/or wind screen), Superlux S241 (is okay for the price) or Lewitt LCT 040 MATCH.

Better in noisy environments would be dynamic mics such as the Shure SM58 or SE Electronics V7.

With the microphones sorted, you would need some Audio Interface. While I don’t like to recommend Behringer (shady business practices), they are a cheap option.

Mic-Boom wise, you can get a cheap ($15) arm from basically anywhere. Or build one from mix&match parts (K&M has a broad selection of stands, arms and extension/accessory pieces, just shop around some music/studio supply shops).

The Smason Q2U is a good option for use at the desk.

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Thanks for the suggestions!
I’ll take a look at them shortly when I finish work.

Having thought about it, I’m a bit apprehensive on investing too deeply into a mic solution. I use a mic for discord calls maybe 1-2 hours every 2 or 3 days so not a huge amount. I do still want to spend a bit more than a generic plug in mic though but nice, clear and noise free hopefully.

To be fair, The Samson Q2U has been mentioned a couple of times but I sort of dismissed it as it wasn’t one a loved the look of as much as the others. However, functionality over form should always win so I’m away to look into it now.

I mean, I think its alright provided you use proper equipment and dbx processing… though for the price… thats an oof. I wouldn’t really encourage this anyway less you had a upper treble type of voice… one of those very loud icepick to the ear voices when you speak or sing.

^ would take that over the shure honestly

Was using this for a bit of time there… its shockingly not bad whatsoever. Definitely better than the ones on your list in my opinion granted, I can’t speak for that fifine but any of those ive tried have been fairly poor in terms of performance.

Thanks for the response.
I think I’ve pretty much decided on not going down the XLR and audio interface for a good while at least. I’ve bene looking at the Q2U and quite happy to get that however, What concerns me is having to have it within inches of you. I think that on a boom arm may irritate me.

Now, I know these sort of mics have to be in close proximity but would prefer a little distance. After seeing how close some of them need to be, I’m half considering getting a lav mic and just using it wired for the amount I physically use a mic.

lol actually my current issue right now is just that… having that mic in my face while im sitting here is obnoxious. Granted it doesn’t have to be literally in your face but atleast like… a foot away if not closer

may be best to go with condensor then provided you have a quiet background… condensors can pick up loud voices from, well… put it this way I had a snowball(cheapo usb mic) that could hear me all the way on the other side of the house cooking in the kitchen and talking lol.

Well personally I think that may be too close or close enough to possibly irritate me. Especially if I’m trying to grab a beer or something.
Part of me thinks to suck it up for the better audio but currently on the fence just now. Perhaps a condenser may be the only way and have to try deal with PC fan noise and possible keyboard and mouse clicks.

you can usually control the sensitivity of the mic though I would recommend a quiet keyboard switch type in your future if rolling a condensor… the more quiet the better. Linear switches are the best bet. I built mine and throw zilent switches in mine(tactical but very quiet) and my condensor mics I have tried dont really pick up the keyboard as long as I set the settings correctly… same for the mouse clicks. When gaming I have placed the mic on the other side of the desk but close enough to directly hear me so it doesnt sound like im speaking through a damn tunnel… all about placement and the room itself.

As for fan noise? i mean, less the pc is next to the mic or extremely loud I doubt itll pick that up as long as you dial in the sensitivity… gotta remember that the mic itself is also a cardoid… so that which is on the side of behind it will be quieter by quite a lot… if the computers away from the mic(not facing towards it) for the most part itll be fine

There has been a couple that I have looked at that do have the gain control so should be fine.
My keyboard has red silent switches in it with orings so would imagine it isn’t as loud as I am imagining.
I guess, No harm in trying one, If it doesn’t work, Then back it goes.