Looking for a Movie watching IEM with soundstage and low end rumble

Hey guys,

I am looking for a Netflix/Movie watching IEM with good soundstage/imaging and low end sub bass rumble.
My budget is $300.

Sony XBA-N3. Those are tuned to sound like a 2.1 speaker setup. The most speaker like sound of all iems I tried.

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It’s 10% of your budget, but you should try the KZ DQ6. Plenty of bass, lots of detail, impressive imaging…at least for me. I also really enjoy using the BLON BL03 for watching movies.

I realize your budget, but these are serious recommendations that you should consider. Of course the N3 is a really well liked/respected IEM.

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For 300 bucks best that you can get is FD5.
Imaging, soundstage and low end are fantastic.
Let’s say best i heard in an iem.

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IKKO OH10 in-Ear Monitor