Looking for a new DAC/AMP for gaming and music

I’m looking for a new DAC/AMP or a DAC and an AMP for roughly 50/50 gaming and music. I use a pair of ATH-M50x most of the time and occaisonally a pair of DT 770M 80 Ohms. I generally like a more neutral and detailed sound. My current DAC/AMP is a FiiO E10K that I’ve had for a few years. I love the E10K, but it’s not too reliable with maintaining the same volume for the left and right channels sometimes. I’m also looking for a setup that would provide a good upgrade path and be able to drive more difficult headphones.

My budget is up to around $250 but somewhat flexible if it’s worth it. So far I’ve been trying to decide between the following:

  • FiiO K3
  • FiiO K5 Pro
  • ifi Nano iDSD
  • Schiit Asgard with DAC module
  • Schiit Hel
  • Schiit Magni + Schiit Modi

I’m open to any suggestions though. Thanks!

So if you wanted an all in one, the k5 pro is real solid and will serve you well

For a bit higher quality setup with more flexibility, perhaps consider something like a schiit magni 3+ and a topping e30 imo

Both of these will have great bang for the buck, and be pretty neutral and detailed imo

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Which setup do you think would provide a better upgrade path?

I think the e30 with the 3+ imo, as in the future depending on the cans, you can swap the 3+ for an Asgard 3 or another amp, and not have to deal with selling it all for something else

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Oh I see what you mean, good idea. Thanks for the help!