Looking for a new headphone, super wide sound stage >$200

I’m looking to get a new headphone, I have the HD6xx that I’ve been using for years and I have the HD58x. i’d like something that has a very wide sound stage, I’ll be doing a lot of gaming on the headphones (footsteps aren’t that important I’m interested in sound quality) the headset needs to be under $200.

What type of signature are you looking for? And do you have an amp?

I have a fx audio dac-x6, I’d be interested in a bright headphone

The beyerdynamic dt880 250 ohm seems like it would be up your alley imo. It’s brighter neutral with pretty great soundstage and imaging, and pretty detailed, can recommend :+1:

I was thinking about the Dekoni Blue also because i’ve never heard a Planar Magnetic Headphone before, and i’ve heard good things about modded T50RP’s

That’s pretty good, but not really that wide nor bright imo, it’s more going for bassy. I would instead recommend the 4xx imo, that would be wider, brighter, and planar. The t50s are planar but they really don’t sound like it

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good to know, thanks

If you want a nice wide sounding planar the he 400i and he 4xx imo is a better route to go. But unfortunately I would not reccomend powering a planar off of the dac x6 as the output impedance is too high

Not the best ever but the Fedelio X2HR has sound stage for days

I just got a set of Fedelio X2HRs, but haven’t had a chance to try them gaming. If I get the chance this weekend, I’ll update with impressions.

Not a fan of the fidelio x2 which is weird for me because I prefer a bassier sound signature. However the treble response was really harsh, not in sibilant way but it was rough and distorted sounding. The dt880 600ohm is without a doubt the best for gaming headphone under $200.

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My vote is for the DT880 250 ohm regular silver version.
I might think of something else at some point.

If it were me, I’d upgrade the dac amp 1st.


I agree, a new better more powerful DAC/Amp would improve the hd6xx and would welcome higher end gear afterwards…

It can work and get by, but I agree

Yeah the x2 is just too unrefined and sloppy for my tastes

Something like a fiio k5 pro or a magni heresy and dac stack would be nice


I agree. That would also drive the DT 880 well, should OP choose to buy those later on.

Yeah, if they planned on grabbing a better amp down the line (a good idea for a budget might be grabbing a magni heresy or liquid spark and using the dac x6 as the dac) I think grabbing the 600 ohm would be my pick, but if they didn’t plan on doing to, the 250 ohm would be my pick

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