Looking for a new LDAC dongle!

Heya folks,

Im in the market for a new portable Amp/DAC with MQA rendering as a minimum. I have a number already for various family members, a Hiby FC3 for my daughters Meles. My son uses a Dragonfly Red with his Tri I3s and I bought one of the first Earmen Eagles for my wife's Spring 2s which has the same chip as the Sparrow (the first 500 units did apparently.)
This time I was looking for one with the Bluetooth LDAC options such as the Qudelix 5K, Shanling UP5 or the Audirect Beam 3 Plus. I will mostly be using it wired, but having the option of LDAC Bluetooth would be very nice.
So far Im steering towards the Beam 3 as it seems to have the best specs with regard to battery life and will run from my phone when in USB mode. The Shanling is a little expensive at £189 the BTR5 doesnt do MQA. I like the look of the new Earmen, Colibri? and I really like the sound from the Eagle. But at £289 and with only a 5 hour battery life they can forget it.
Does anyone have any better options? or experience with the Beam 3 Plus?

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the 2021 BTR5 does MQA

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Thanks didn`t realise that.