Looking for a new set of headphones

I have been using my Tygr 300r with a Topping d10 and Liquid Spark for about a year and I am going to receive a windfall of sorts and so looking to get a new pair of headphones that have strengths where the Tgyr lacks and maybe give me a better idea of the sound signature I prefer most. Budget is $350 or less but willing to go a little higher if convinced of a headphone that fits my requirements better. Looking for something that is excellent at vocal harmony reproduction (think barbershop, shanties, Pink floyd etc.) but can also be a different flavor than the Tygrs in most musical scenarios.

Sennheiser HD6__
Hifiman Sundara

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Sundara gets a lot of recommendations nowadays especially after the 2020 revision at this price point. I placed an order myself for my next headphone after my DT770. Should be a pretty neutral headphone that performs very well all around. Mine should be here in a couple of days, cant wait :slight_smile:

oh alternatives for a vocal lover yeah thats pretty easy actually…

Sennheiser just in general excels in this area… HD 598 can be found around $100… 58x jubilee is really good at like $150 or so… 600 series are really good but lose a lot of soundstage.

Sundara has very crisp mids and great vocal performance if your into a planar… 400i is cheaper but not as good imo… yet quite aggressive and in your face on the mid range.

DT 880 from beyer if you want to stay beyerdynamic this is their more mid focused variant of the DT series since tygr is V shaped like the 770 and 990

AKG k702 would fit in there as its more mid and high focused

AD700x or 900x would also fit here… but honestly I would take the akg over these as they feel rather cheap in my opinion

though personally… I would say grab a Sennheiser and sit down with it for a while… 598, 58x, 6xx, 600, 650, or 660s. Otherwise yeah… Sundara