Looking for a pair of all around headphones

Hello everyone, very excited to be posting in this place after lurking for so long XD
in the first section of this post I tell about myself and how came to the world of sound, if you do don’t care about this part of the post which is understandable skip to the part bellow the “-------------” to find the part where I ask for help.
so the story goes like this, I am a “gamer” as much as I hate this word simply for the stereotypes it brings with it, the type of gaming I do is definitely competitive and I play shooters mainly.
for many years now I own a pair of ATH-50x following a recommendation from a good friend, as the sound pleb I was then, they sounded better than everything I had listened to and I enjoyed them as time progressed one day while going through YouTube I stumbled upon a fairly small channel called Z reviews and decided for some reason to go ahead and check it out. in retrospect probably one of my biggest mistakes in recent times because in this channel I found a whole worlds previously not known to me and that is the world of sound. one of the first things I found out about in this world that made me laugh, is that all the people who believe themselves to know anything about sound have come together for a crusade to purge all 50x owners XDD which made me come to a decision that it is time to get a new pair of headphones and thus I started the deep dive into this rabbit hole of a world called sound.
after months of looking through reviews, and forums and what not I came down to the final few contestants and for the life of me I do not know what to choose which is why I cracked and decided to stop lurking these forums and make an account and my first post. in my time trying to find a new pair of headphones I learned a whole lot of new things, about amps, dacs, stacks, about what type of headphone to go for in different needs and such, for an example that about impedances and how hard certain headphones are to drive, or that competitive gaming headphones need to have a lot of the higher side of the spectrum and less of the lows so it would pick up the sound of footsteps, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every moment of learning.
(let just say I probably still am retarded about sound and audio so if I am wrong about things which I probably will be, go easy on me and please do make sure to correct me).

so now to the part where I ask for help.
the things that I look for in my dream headphones

  • first of all I want a pair of headphones that I can do everything I want to, and I know that puts me in the closed back category
  • as I mentioned, I need my cans to be good for competitive gaming since its what I do the most.
  • I also enjoy music very much, on my computer in my room or while I’m out and about so I guess they need to be easy to drive so they work of my phone and portability is a plus but not a must.
  • they also need to be comfy because I will wear them for hours at a time.
  • budget is basically not a problem, I am willing to invest for the right pair of cans so lets say up to 1000$
    so the pairs I ended up looking at are these (do add options please)
  • Dan clark audio aeon 2 closed
  • focal elegia
  • beyerdynamic 177x GO
  • and I wondered if anything from the fostex world like the t60rp argons will be good but I have no idea
    I would to know what you all think of my choices and help me decide what to go for.
    please feel free to roast me if needed
    oh and one final thing, I will probably buy a THX AAA amp of some sort, probably the SMSL one