Looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers

i saw these and was wondering if there were any other recommendations that may be better for around this price range.

With Black Friday around the corner I would see what kind of deals pop up this week before buying. There seems to always be some Edifier speakers on sale so these might drop in the near future.

alright but what im asking is if for 400 dollars are there better options out there?

Are passive speakers an option?

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if it includes like necessary equipment to run it within the budget

Yeah definitely wait, dude. I got the Edifier S3000pro last year for $400 on Black Friday. They’re normally $800.

Also if you’re wondering, the s3000 pros are absolutely amazing.

Klipsch has some good sales going on.



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would you say these are better than the ones i linked?

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S3000 are better than S2000

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For my money, yes. Depends on the room tho.

imma use it for my desk in my bedroom, idk how good the acoustics are but since its small i dont think itll make that much a difference

appreciate the recommendation thing is i live in the caribbean and the fact that sometimes things with a good offer dont ship to me. so i have to get stuff usually at msrp.

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i listen to a lot of modern style music and was wondering if you could tell me what the sound signature for the klipsch is

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I have the Adam Audio T5V. $400 for the pair. Stunning midrange and treble clarity. Those AMT tweeters are just great.

Generally speaking American and Canadian speakers tend to be more forward or on the detailed/brighter side. English speakers have always tended to be more laidback and warmer. There are exemptions but thats always been the general rule

BUT in today’s world even budget speakers sound great.

I own a pair of Audioengine A5+ speakers that many people think are the bees knees and they’re $400/pair but i’m a basshead so I bought their subwoofer as well but most people don’t need deep bass as much as I do so I expect you’d like them without the sub