Looking for a planner under 200$

So i want to give planner magnetic a try, so I set a budget of around 200$ , so any recommendations would be great

P.s.400i 2020 hifiman is excluded, why? NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, annoying AF

What do you mean no international shipping? You don’t have to buy from Hifiman directly and there are plenty places to get them at least in Europe.

Im in Israel, so my best hope was amazon (DE/UK/US) but neither one sends here…

Ah hmm. What about the he400se? You should be able to order from China, not sure what the best place would be but it’s around €150 I think.

How are the compared to the regular 400I? (those are i can order from amazon for some reason hifiman does ship those)

I haven’t heard the 400se, just the 400i 2020. There are some reviews around. The international version should launch in April, so I expect a lot more reviews at that time.

Oh cool good to know i dont mind waiting a bit for the international version

HE400se International version is set to ship April 1st I believe and preorders are being taken now.