Looking for a portable all in one AMP/DAC/ADC

I currently travel with a Soundblaster G3 however it has started crackling and popping. That along with I don’t think it is actually doing much for my headphones, I’m looking to move away from it.

I have a vmoda mic that goes with my travel headphones (Usually HD560S or Occassionally K702) so need a line in.
I stumbled across the Qudelix 5k which I’ve read supports inline mics on headphones.

Question is, Is it more powerful than the G3? Is there anything USB-C and small form factor that I should be considering?

I’ve also been considering the ifi hip dac v2 ( I would need to remove the battery though)
Also considered the Fulla e or the Hel2e but there seems to be some issues with them.

Any thoughts?

Why would you need to remove the battery? The Q5k also has a battery.

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This is like the third or fourth thread about the same question…
If you don’t want the device to charge during you are using it then on the Q5K you can disable the charge function in the app.
The hipdac has two separate usb connections. The big USB-A is only for data, the battery will not be charged and drain your laptop battery (if its that what you are worrying about). At some point then you have to charge the hipdac via the usb-c connection but you could do this on a phone charger if you like.
Still don’t know if the hipdac supports a mic though, no info on the ifi website.

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Logistic reasons basically. Flights I take won’t allow batteries in certain devices such as portable batteries, Airpod style charging cases etc etc. They are OK with certain laptops and batteries.

Yeah I have been doing some searching around the forum. I guess there must not be a lot of choice for this type of device.

I’ve since had confirmation that the iFi hipdac doesn’t support this feature so I’ll be knocking it off the list I think. I think my options are either the Schiit Fulla/Hel, Some different soundblaster gear, Mayflower Arc and potentially the Q5K.

Qudelix 5K has a battery too. Mayby it is small enough to be not restricted under the logistic rule, don’t know.

Schiit Hel would be the most powerful solution, especially the K702 can take some juice. It is pretty big though and you need an external power supply (2x USB. One for power one for data).

If it has to be a dongle like the G3 you could still go with THX Onyx.

Yeah, I noticed it was a more battery powered device.
I’m not against slightly larger units and willing to get something bigger than a dongle/G3 size. I’m just looking for something that wouldn’t be like a magni/modi stack, Similar to the G6 would be fine as I can just throw it in a bag with one cable.

Speaking of the Hel, How would a power/data splitter work with that, Would it work or introduce noise?

Power and data is already split on the Hel. Manual says it needs 5V 2.1A (~10W) power supply.
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A regular USB can just provide 2.5W. If you have a higher end laptop / PC with USB-C ports that can charge a phone quickly or provide power for a external USB-C display then I guess you could try powering the Hel 2E from your PC. One USB-C to USB-C for the power and one USB-A or Typ c to USB-C for the data.

If you just have regular USB-A ports you probably stuck with a external charger or maybe a powerbank.

Thanks! I should probably have looked at the finer details! I guess this may not work then for my needs as you quite correctly pointed out that it would require external power.

That leaves the Fulla E which only requires 500mA so should be doable. Just to see if it is powerful enough.

Your input has been a great help! Thank you for taking the time and doing the work I should have done before even considering it!

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Pretty sure it will be fine. Fulla gives out 200mW at 32 Ohm, the Qudelix around 80mW over the 3.5mm jack. I ran a Hifiman Arya on the Qudelix 2.5mm with 220mW and thought it was good.
Especially if you already were happy with the G3. The Fulla will surely be an upgrade.

From looking at it, It doesn’t seem too far off the spec of the G6 which I read has a high gain of around 250mW @33 Ohm. I believe someone reported the G3 to be below 20mW. Looks like I have the Fulla E on my radar now.

Oh, yes. G6 seems to be a tiny bit more powerful and of course feature loaded with virtual 7.1 and stuff.

Unfortunately, I need a mic input for Teams calls and Discord so the options are more limited.

The thx onyx has mic input and seems quite powerfull: THX Onyx