Looking for a replacement cable

I went with an 8 core initially and while I like the quality it’s a little thick over my ears (I have really small ears) so I’d like to get a 4 core 4.4 balance cable for my Starfields… This is assuming the cores make a difference, I assume that plays a role in thickness basically I want something as light and similar to the stock cable but better quality and balanced Any recommendations?

you may actually want to go 16 core. i bought this one and it is thinner and lighter than my 8 core from the same brand.

here is a picture showing the differences: Left is 16 core with starfields/right is 8 core with oh10


Alright so that’s what I’m confused about… Does core play a role in how thin it is? And if so it’s higher or lower thinner? Or does core not play a role at all then how do I know? I’m new to the whole cable part of this, I’ve always just used stock cables.

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i dont actually know for sure but having these two cables, i can tell/show you that the 16 core in this situation is thinner and lighter than the 8 core i own. That being said, the stock cable on the starfields are thinner around the ear than the 16 and 8 core pictured above hahaha so idk

Core equals the amount of wires. Wire guage can vary. Making 2 cables with 8 cores for instance, deferent in over all thickness if they are different guages.

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