Looking for a replacement of my Soundblaster Z

Hi everyone, my name is Raul, i’m new here so maybe im in the wrong category, if so, im sorry
I need some help
Recently the coil whine of my gpu is going through the soundcard and i can hear it on my headsets (coolermaster mh 751)
So i’m looking for a external card or a amp to avoid this problem.
I need one that be able to connect the headset and the mic
I have 110€ to get one
Any recommendations?
Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad english (still learning)
Edit: Maybe a soundblaster gx 6 is enough?

any of the external soundblaster cards would be fine. mh751 does not take much to drive. you could also get the fiio e10k.

But i can’t connect my mic if i buy a filo e10k or can i?

the mh751 should come with a splitter. get extension for mic. you are correct, the e10k does not have passthrough. i think some1 said the fulla is around 130 euroes. thats the cheapest non pc brand amp/dac with mic passthrough i know of.

edit: but honestly, any of the logitech or asus or any of the others that have mic, they should be perfectly fine.

Sadly the " Schiit Fulla 3" is out of stock on amazon spain and it’s not on amazon france / germany / ita…
Im going to see some reviews of the soundblaster g6 to see if its worth
Thanks for your time and help

This may be just the thing you are after: AmazonSmile: Syba Sonic 24bit 96KHz USB DAC Stereo Headphone Amplifier 2 Stage EQ Digital/Coaxial Output and RCA Output SD-DAC63116: Computers & Accessories

It needs a better usb cable however due to janky connection: AmazonSmile: UGREEN Mini USB Cable, A-Male to Mini-B Cord USB 2.0 Charger Cable Compatible with GoPro Hero 3+, PS3 Controller, Digital Camera, Dash Cam, MP3 Player, GPS Receiver, Garmin Nuvi GPS, SatNav, PDA 3FT: Electronics

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your help
At the end i bought a soundblaster ae 7 for 90€
I hope this fix my problem
Ill update this post when i try it


I have the same problem with the soundblaster AE 7.
I can hear the coil whine of my gpu with my headsets. I want fking die…

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I fixed the problem.
Loosening the screw on pci slot make that buzzing disappear
Awesome how simple it is and how a simple screw can do that…
Thanks anyways for your time and answers

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