Looking for a set of small speaker stands

So I’m looking for a set of speaker feet/stands so if anyone has any recommendation I’d love to hear about it.

a few things to know

  1. My speakers are rather tall so no need to elevate them to ear level, I just wanna reduce the vaibrations
  2. since they are so tall I’m looking for just some feet (basically adding minimal high so they don’t stick out too much
  3. the measurement of the speakers are 30cm deep / 21cm wide / 57cm tall

after a quick search in amazon found these that look pretty cool

I have those on a sub. They work well. I’m also wondering if you should just consider a yoga mat or other rubber floor mat and cut it down to the dimensions of your speakers’ footprint?

Actually haven’t though of that :slight_smile:

For cheap and effective i like to use bench cookies. You will need 6-8 depending on your speaker size for 2 speakers. Since you are not looking to lift them much no accesories to raise the height needed.

There are rubber bumper pads, and much more expensive things you can buy. I have also used yoga blocks, yoga matts, rubber feet for furniture and very expensive audio products. YMMV.

I used multiple bench cookies to get this speaker to just the right height. Did the job just fine.

Here is a picture of a larger speaker on cookies…

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I forget the strange tweeter design of the WF34 lol

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Not a very popular speaker, also not much liked i think. These were an absolute steal when they went on sale, beautiful wood, and they sound amazing when pushed thru audio gear. They soundstage and image incredibly well, go low enough, sparkle, play with detail and happen to work damned well in my particular set-up. I’m so very happy i thought to try them next to my desk that one day 2 years ago, they have not moved since and i use them for all my pop, rap, edm, techno dubstep etc. styles of music along with others but they excel at “FUN”. :muscle:

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