Looking for a Simultaneous Multi-Input DAC

Hey all, first post here on HFG and I do appreciate the help here!

Basically, I’m looking for a DAC that will allow me to run multiple inputs into it at once, then output one continuous signal to an amplifier. This is so that I can have my phone or DAP play audio (preferably by bluetooth but I’d settle for cabled if needed for this setup) while running audio from my PC, all feeding into my speakers or headphones. Would prefer something in the semi-budget range (Under $300 is ideal), and would also be willing to run converters if needed to get multiple input stages but would prefer the cleanest chain possible.

Appreciate the help in advance.

a lot of DAC support multiple inputs… however.

if you’re looking for multiple USB inputs at the same time, nope. If you’re looking for multiple inputs Coax, TosLink, USB but you want to output those inputs at the same time, that won’t happen either.

One input, one output and there’s usually a button or switch to cycle through the various inputs.

You may have more luck having your pc play your music (maybe dap as a source) and finding a way to have your phone forward to your pc. Then making one output from your pc.

Maybe the FiiO BTA30 would work? It can either receive or send to multiple devices over BT. Outside of that you’d probably have a better time looking at various mixer interfaces to I/O sources into one or several monitor channels.

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What @Ahobaka mentions is likely the most painless solution although would be compromising on sound quality a bit, otherwise you will have to deal with a line mixer and multiple dacs (or just line in for sources you don’t care as much about and grab a nice dac for the one you are mainly concerned with), using something like this (sounds alright, simple enough, good price)

and grabbing a few of the 100 buck dacs with the inputs you need (for go for one nice dac and then just use the line out for the other devices if you have a sound quality priority). What amp are you planning to use?

A setup like this would allow you to mix both inputs into one stream for the amp, and also give you an easy way to control volume in one place to set levels

Since you mentioned Bluetooth, if you’re running Windows 10, you can actually set it up as a Bluetooth target using a free, no-nonsense app. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/bluetooth-audio-receiver/9n9wclwdqs5j

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Funnily enough, this is the cheapest solution and probably does exactly what I’d need it for. Highly appreciated.

This would likely be the best hardware solution, and it’s the one I’ve been looking at the most. I’m currently using a Loxjie P20 feeding through the 3.5mm output of my Sabaj A4 which I’m using for my Jamo S803s. I’m mostly looking to clean up the signal chain and make it easier to switch.