Looking for a stereo amplifier for an "1 remote" setup

Hi there! I’m looking for a stereo (2.1) amplifier/receiver for my new apartment.

Where: Small living room, 3.6x3m
Sources: TV and Spotify
Speakers: Something 2.1
Budget: 500 USD

It’s going to be in my living room, attached to a TV, so I would really like to make it as seamless as possible, so I would like to get a setup where I can get away using only the tv remote.

Waking up from optical is only useful if the receiver can also learn volume signals from tv remote, otherwise the amp remote is still necessary. Hdmi makes everything convenient.

I saw that these would likely be a good fit,

NAD D-3020v2 <-- wake up from optical input and learn volume signals from tv remote
NAD D-3045 <-- hdmi, but no Spotify Connect
Onkyo TX-8250 <-- optical + Spotify Connect, remote still necessary for volume?
Onkyo TX-8270 <-- hdmi + Spotify Connect
TX-8250 <-- hdmi + Spotify Connect
5.1/7.1 AVRs… <-- hdmi + Spotify Connect

The D-3045 is probably outside my budget (~500) though.

What do you folks think about these? Do you have other recommendations?
Also, is it stupid to get a surround AVR to be strictly used as a 2.1?

Instead of searching for a receiver than can comply with one remote. Get the one remote that can connect with any receiver.
Get a Logitech Harmony and just get whatever the hell you want. really it will make your life better.

As for using surround ones for stereo no not stupid. I like both stereo and movies so I have a multichannel receiver. Just get one that sounds to your liking. For me it was Marantz that did it for me in the end.