Looking for a Sub for kanto yu4's

I need a Sub-woofer to go with my Gloss White Kanto Yu4’s small room 9 X 11 X 8 ft. I see they have the Kanto Sub 8 in mat white for $329 on amazon. but I think a ported sub might be a better option for this home theatre, as I fancy my action movies.

I have no complaints with my SUB8. granted, it’s the only sub I have experience with so I am a little bias, LoL.


I saw the sub8 price drop to $250 in the US. But if you want to save some money and don’t mind the color (the gloss and matte difference would bother me tbh), you could go for a dayton sub which is much cheaper and probably the same performance. The next jump up would probably be like $400+ and the subs would be 10inches which is kind of overkill for your room. For that small of sub, room and price point, I don’t think sealed and ported makes much of a difference.

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So you are looking smaller White Ported sub in $350 range?
Those might not even exists.

Unless you find a suitable black one and wrap / paint it.

it’s ok if it’s not white, and while money is not an issue I don’t want to overspend. don’t think it makes sense so spend like 1000 bucks on a sub for the kanto Yu 4’s. this would be for a movie theatre type thing. thinking a sub with a passive radiator might be better choice.

You have many options then. Rythmik, SVS, new Emotiva SE subs have passive radiator.

The Emotiva SE8 is fantastic! I’m considering another two at the moment, a second for my office and one for the bedroom. I found it a little easier to tune for my rooms than the SE12.