Looking for a "transportable" amp

I need a setup that’s small but still packs a punch. Something that I can pack into carry on without too much trouble. I have a Mojo 2 and a Soekris2541, but my amps are too heavy, large, or have tubes. My budget is $1300. I’m going to be taking my 800s, and maybe an ether 2.

So you’d be using the mojo 2 into this amp for portable? Or are you mainly looking for an all in one option?

I’d be using either the mojo2 or the Soekris as a dac, I just need a small amp that would pair well with them. It’s going to be a desktop system, it doesn’t need to be portable.

But I’m open to suggestions, I’m just mentioning what I have.

Oh, so it doesn’t have to be battery powered? I was thinking it had to be battery powered lol. In terms of battery powered options, I would have suggested the bakoon hpa01m specifically for the 800s, that’s am amazing portable combo in current drive, and honestly something really interesting to hear if you haven’t heard a current drive with the 800s. Although it’s not going to do amazingly with the ether. Another amazing one for the 800s would be a mass kobo 424, absolutely fantastic with that headphone, but again lacking with the ether 2 (but likely over budget). Same goes for a xi broadway. And woo wa8 or phatlab phantasy ii

For something more focused on the ether but drives the 800s well too I might look into a centrance ampersand or romi lessfox bx2 plus, or vorzuge vorzamp duo ii.

In terms of non battery powered stuff, I guess it depends on how large you feel is transportable lol. What do you have now amp wise for context?


Ok, I’m going to start looking into the powered options you listed. As for non powered, I’d consider something up to the size of the Soekris to be ok. I’ve found pretty good used deals for a Cayin C9 and a Chord Anni, but I’m not sure what else is out there.

Cayin c9 is pretty great and would be a good all rounder, awesome battery powered option. I’ve not heard the chord so I can’t really say anything there. Hmmmm around soekris size, that aforementioned broadway (non s) is actually a solid option in both synergy/pairing and also size, and while it does have batteries, it’s meant to be used as a desktop amp, so really worth a look, and will power the 800s and ether reasonably well imo. Would a violectric v280 end up being too large (although would favor 800s more)? I feel like most things I’d want to suggest would either be too big, or over budget

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I think is throw the ifi micro DSD signature into the mix as well. All in one that should do justice to the 800s and ethers. Plus the almighty xbass lol.

Yeah, I was looking at the Broadway but it’s a bit expensive, I’m leaning more towards your not powered suggestions. The Cayin is around $900, and the Chord owner is willing to trade. The V280 is small but way too heavy, I tried to pack it but quickly changed my mind.

Oh wow they got cheap, remember them going around like 1300

Ah yes it is pretty weighty

Generally, what sort of signature are you after?

I negotiated down to $900 since I need to pay import fees.

I tend to prefer a crisp and airy sound. My favorite combination despite the price is the Soekris with a RebelAmp.

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That’s a darn good price!!! Trust me I just bought a new one and thought I got a decent deal at $1700.

I was so focused on just an amp that I completely forgot about ifi!

I enjoy the signature a lot with my th900s. I know they aren’t the 300ohm sennys but man that pairing is something I’d have a hard time giving up. Enough airiness with weight behind the bass notes, it strikes a great middle ground for me.

It’'ll be around $1100 after import fees. Do you think the C9 is much better than the Ampersand? Since the Anni has so few reviews I’m leaning towards those two.

It depends, I think if you prefer a cleaner sound, the ampersand is going to be a better fit for that, but I think from a technical level the cayin would have the edge

I love my mass kobo for a more neutral forward and airy signature (and the most technically impressive out of all the aforementioned imo), and the bakoon is also very clean on current drive out with the 800s too and really unique in sound that you don’t get with most amps (although it’s voltage output is warm and smooth). The phantasy ii is also pretty clean too (and very technical for a tube amp). The romi is very clean as well, and on a somewhat similar level to the centrance, but neither of those are as technical as the c9, and I’d say that the 424 and phantasy ii are more technical than the c9 (but less versatile in pairing). The bakoon isn’t as technical as those 3, but above the romi and centrance at least in current drive output, but with how different current drive transforms the 800s it’s hard to make similar comparisons (but voltage drive is underwhelming)

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