Looking for a warm headphone

I am looking for an open back warm and more bassy headphone. I have the 1990 pros and use those for gaming because of the amazing imaging, but I would like something just to chill with and watch YouTube on as I kinda get tired of how bright these can be after a while. I have a D10 DAC and ATOM Amp. My budget would be under $500. I have heard the Fidelio X2HR is good. Any reccomendations?


Welcome to the guides :smiley: maybe check this on going thread :+1:

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Thank you! I think most of the recommendations there are closed back, but I will look at the open back ones!

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Hands down my fun, bass-slam, chill headphone at that budget will be these:

The thread is quite long, but you’ll get a good idea about this pair.

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if you have the budget, i would really really suggest the Audioquest Carbon Nighthawks. ANother guy like you actually made a thread about it recently lol. Basically imo if you want something that’s really good, and probably closer to the dt990 in tier, maybe a notch down but chill and warm i would totally suggest the Nighthawks. Just a stellar headphone. You can find new here and there for 300, they are dissapearing since the production stopped so i would snag one up lol

Eh, isn’t this like the polar opposite? Thats an extremely bright headphone compared to a very dark headphone lol.

@Joseph like ohmboy just mentioned theres another post like this already where I mentioned a few open backs as well it may help you out. Feel free to go over there he has the same amp and dac as well as the 1990s

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ah i meant in tier as in it’s better than the 58x which would be the option at the lower price point. and that’s the point, he wants the opposite type of headphone to his dt1990 lol. But the hawks would be a stepup over something like the 58x and it’s within his budget. and some people call it dark and others warm so lol

ah yeah I can see where your coming from. He’s a gamer though so I am going to instantly say just straight up buy the Tygrs lmao Nighthawks are great but hard to find

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aren’t the tygers kinda hard to get too tho? seems even haha. at least based on how they took like 4 weeks or more to arrive for most people. hawks are for sure getting harder and harder to find tho

That backorder seems to be primarily beyers fault. They appear to be focusing more on the tygrs bundle rather than the headphone itself. You can grab the bundle just fine even on amazon meanwhile tygrs are so out of stock it’s insane.

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gotcha, yeah it’s a tricky situation. Both headphones seem hard to reach atm lol

A used MassDrop-Hifiman Edition XX has been frequently found under $500. Warm and big, easy, bass slam. I hesitate to rec this one right now because it’s out of stock on Amazon and a quick Google didn’t turn up a used model. In early May I got one for about $430 used on Amazon. Here’s my review from the Edition XX thread: