Looking for advice and suggestions

hi guys
new to the forum and audio game
currently buying/building my first setup
and looking for advice what to chose
for a desktop/room setup
since i am from croatia
availability on some equipment is non existent, and whats avaible is usualy expensive
except some rare disscounts
amazon.uk and amazon.de are also a option but considering shipping its usualy not worth
have a few things in mind:
teac ls-301 for 239$
Fyne Audio F300 for 284$
Monitor Audio 100 for 197$

Klipsch R-51M for 197$

Dali Zensor 1 for 305$

JBL Arena 130 for 276$

jbl arena 120 for 224$
elac debut 5.2 or 6 for 300$
q acoustics 3010i for 224$

Fluid Audio F5 for 230$


my wish is to stay bellow 250$ for the speakers but if u think some choice is realy better
its not a problem to spend the extra
for amp i am planing to use the mx3 or something similar, maybe something with more power
like pa3 with a DAC/headphone amp
thanks in advance for any advice

I assume desktop set-up. I own the klipsch and both JBL styles. The 120’s are great but have very little below 90hz and REALLY need a subwoofer. I use them mostly as rear surround speakers in one of my HT set-ups and absolutely adore them. I have tried the JBL 130’s on my desk and enjoyed them, good low end and a stunning -to my ears - tweeter. I enjoy the sound signature very much but… the need power closer to 100watts than 50 to shine. I relegated them to Hight surround duties and could not be more pleased. That leaves the Klipsch for me. Yes, they sound good especially if you enjoy more of a “party” sound. They operate loudly with little power; ie. 40+ watts will do you and they make me want to dance and enjoy the music. If you can get a hold of an Emotiva BasX amp you would have an overall winner for both power and headphones. (Mine does have some noise w/headphones when pushed past 3/4 volume…)
Sorry can’t speak to anything else you listed cause I don’t own it. Good luck, hopefully others can chime in.