Looking for Advice new Desktop setup

Currently, I am in the middle of a house remodel and with that, I will also upgrade my home office setup including changing my desk to an Ikea Karlby Setup. my current audio setup consists of a 15-year-old set of Behringer Truth 2031’s powered by a Sony TA-FE370. this amp was a gift from my brother and it has worked well but I have no clue if this is a good amp or not can’t really seem to find much about it.
next to this I also have an IFI zen DAC that is driving an HD660S and I have a Fiio k5pro that is driving a 250ohm DT 770pro.

since I am going to a smaller desk setup my current desk is 80cm from the front till the back and the Karlby will be only 63,5 I wanted to go for maybe a smaller speaker than the truth’s but hopefully still with great sound. I generally use the speakers for most of my listening of music, movies, series, and games, where I don’t need positional audio my music taste, is very broad from but mostly salsa/bachata and pop/singer-songwriter kind of music. I don’t have my music very loud since I have neighbors and the walls aren’t the thickest. but as i will also use the other side of my home office as a gym/dance studio for home training i would like the speakers to be able to fill the room when needed. room is about 3.5 meters by 4.7 meters

As I live in Holland I am limited in what I can and cannot get for instance I was looking into the Vanatoo T0 but they don’t ship outside of the US so that is a no-go.

I have been looking into both powered and passive speakers but would prefer to stick to around a 400 euro budget total either a fully new amp (haven’t really looked into that yet) with passive speakers, fully dump the amp and go for powered, or maybe a more expensive set of passives on the current amp. also stands or no stands I never had the truth on stands but if some of the speakers really benefit from them then that could be an options

what I have been looking at is listed below but I can’t really make a decision and now with all the shops being closed, it’s impossible to go to a shop to listen and compare.

EDIFIER: S1000DB € 339,95
Mackie MR624 € 322,-
Adam T5v (including millenium desktop monitor stand DM2) € 349,-
Dali Spektor 2 € 258,-
Q acoustic 3020I € 275,-
Q acoustic 3030I € 399,-
Elac Debut B5.2 € 298,-
Audioengine A2+ €299,-
Audioengine HD3 €399,-
Kanto YU4 € 335,-
Kanto YU6 € 404,50

Would love some advice.

It’s a toss up between the Edifiers or Mackies for me.

The Edifiers can be adjusted with tone knobs, which would be great if you want to adjust treble and bass due to nearfield listening. I tend to EQ my DIY speakers to soften the treble and produce more bass to compensate for their size.

The Mackies would be my choice for monitors. They’d have a relatively flat sound, so maybe not super musical but accurate. Bass might be lacking. Their big point is that they can play at low volumes which is great if you want background music or want to hear everything at low volumes.