Looking for advice on wireless headphones

Hey guys
I’m interested in buying a pair of wireless headphones but I don’t know which pair would suit me best. I’m searching for in-ear ones not over ear because I wear glasses and over ear becomes uncomfortable since it presses on my glasses.

The wired headphones I use are both jbl one is the tune 110 and the other is the c100 which i like more
Both have a pretty good bass response which is something I look for when buying headphones so I’m looking for something similar doesn’t have to be jbl.

Hifiman has a pair, although I have not heard them and don’t know of their out yet… But something to take a look at

Do you know of other models?

I really haven’t explored many wireless in ears, so I can’t really say much

I wear glasses an I find it’s more down to the type of pads used, memory foam ones work best, there’s a lot of after market pads to fit most headphones :+1:

Sorry about that I thought you meant iems by in ears. On ear headphones there is something like the akg n60 or the grado gw100. Otherwise you are sort of limited by sticking to on ear because most wireless headphones are over ear

Edit: the beyerdynamic aventho wireless or the Bose SoundLink wireless would work as well

Edit 2: guess I was right, disregard this message

I understand what you’re saying I have a krk studio headphones for music production which are pretty comfortable but lately I found that the glasses create the tiniest of openings which messes a bit with the frequency response resulting in some loss of bass.

On ear is kind of the same since it pushes the ear on to the glasses that is why I’m looking for in ear

Here’s one advice for wireless headphones: Don’t. :stuck_out_tongue: Especially for music production!!!

Anyway, etymotics ER4, ER4XR, maybe, if putting something, like, 1cm inside your ears, doesn’t scare you.

Eh. Wireless is honestly fine for most things, even monitoring music, but I would agree if it was for mixing or mastering, or serious listening

Fine, maybe… but not better than pairing good headphones/earphones with a Fiio BTR3 or a EarStudio ES100.

Well, that’s not necessarily a fair comparison. I was mainly talking about the idea of wireless being fine, not really it’s current implementation. I would agree that a wired headphone + a wireless dongle is better than a native wireless headphone, but only because the native wireless hp tend to use worse quality drivers and poor wireless implementation to meet budgets vs a wired pair of the same model. Like focals listen vs listen wireless. It sounds alot better through a wire, but only because the wireless is implemented poorly

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I’m looking for a pair mostly for listening to music or phone calls I gave the krk as an example to why I don’t want overear headphones.
I listen mostly to metal and trance so a good bass response or at least an eq is a must
I thought about a wireless pair and not true wireless but they seem not that comfortable though I would like more opinions on the matter.
I’m not looking to invest a lot of money but I don’t want to go dirt cheap ones a nice budget pair is what I’m going for. My budget is around 100$