Looking for amp recommendations

Currently running a Topping D10s to a liquid spark. I was using an old sound bar as a speaker when needed but a smaller space has forced me to consider bookshelf speakers. Looking for suggestions as to how to achieve this on a budget. Should I add a speaker amp or upgrade my liquid spark to an amp that has a headphone out and a speaker out like the Topping mx3s/smsl drop 150x? $200 USD max

Swan OS-10 would be a good cheap active speaker if you are willing to go that route.

The Fosi za3 and v3 amps could work. 90 to $150ish. You can roll op amps with the za3 too. Do you have speakers? Maybe the Sony sscs5?

I think this will depend heavily on how integrated you want your system to be. All in one like a topping mx3 are interesting if you want a single interface and a single unit, which can be a more compact solution. This kind of need is very personal and it’s good for you to think what you want for your listening space.

Personally, I would only consider changing to a AIO solution if you’re not satisfied with the liquid spark Or maybe if you’re listening from a couch, not ob a deske. If you like it, I would go for separates and maybe use the pre-out of it to signal the speakers.

As for between passive+amp or active speakers, I would say it depends on how much you want to play with speakers in the future. Buying an amp and a passive may leave you room for changing part of this setup in the future, like getting better speakers in the future. For example, getting a Fosi V3 and a Sony ssc5 or a Micca RB42.

If however you want something simple, than probably the power speaker is a simpler solution. Something like the Swan OS10 or the Edifier 1700