Looking for an Amp Upgrade. $1,000 or less

So, I have currently been rocking the Schiit Jotunheim Amp with an SMSL SU-8 Dac, balanced in as my setup. But, I have put a pre-order on the THX AAA 789 since I feel like it is a little bit better than my Jot, and I can technically claim it as my endgame in the Amp department.

My question is, is there an “All Around” better amp in every category that is $1,000 or less?
Or should I jut stick with my Jotunheim and cancel my 789 Pre-order, or just go with the 789.

EDIT: Before anyone says I should look into headphones instead of Amps, I currently have:
ZMF Aeolus, Audio Technica 1000X, Fostex TH-X00, Sennheiser HD58X, Neumman NDH20.

TBH you would be just fine with the 789. I feel it’s an upgrade over the jot, and if your going for an amp that doesn’t really color the sound, the 789 is probably hard to beat in your price range. If you were looking for an amp with a sound signature, there are lots of different options out there though

I just need an amp that makes any headphone sound like the headphone is suppose to sound. No extra ontop of it. So like you said, the 789 is probably my best bet.

Yeah, I would most likely say you shouldn’t have complaints with the 789.

There’s many other amps that have their own unique sound in their price range, but for balanced amps, it’s hard to beat the 789 for uncolored sound.

I actually prefer the RNHP over the 789 single ended because of the extremely low output impedance and the sq that yields (actually seems more uncolored then the 789 to me), but it’s really nitpicking at that point

I guess there is also the RME ADI-2 dac if you wanted an all in one setup, since it can drive single ended headphones pretty well, and has gobs of features, but I think the 789 and RNHP is a bit more uncolored amp wise

I mean, if you only care about measurements, the THX is as good as you should need. If you’re interested in a great all round amp the Bryston BHA-1 can be found used under $1k pretty often. I like my Mjolnir 2 but that’s because I enjoy tube rolling more than looking at graphs

The RME is a Dac though, not an Amp correct. And I don’t prefer all in ones just because the upgrade path from them is kinda janky. It doesn’t seem to have a 4 bin balanced connection for headphones either.

it has a pretty solid built in single ended headphone amp

But all in all, if I was to get this I assume this would be the DAC for my 789. Unless the Amp in it is way better than the 789, I don’t see a point of it, since my Balanced DAC works perfectly, and I am in need of an Amp upgrade.

yeah there really isnt a need to buy the rme if you already have a 789 and an su-8, you would really only see a small bump in quality from the slightly better dac, so I would think it wouldn’t be worthwhile