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I have heard that lifting speaker cables helps the sound signal. Is this true and would it help in the home theater system as well?

I rent there i can not run cables through the walls. Currently i have cables running on the floor to all but the center channel and sub (rca for signal). I don’t believe inter connects are affected. I got my information from PS Audio’s YouTube channel.

I won’t give an opinion as to not color your expectations or lack thereof. Take some books and place your cables on top of them to get them off the floor. If you hear a difference, it’s true. If you don’t, it’s BS.

I know there is a lot of “snake oil” when it comes to audio. I have no real expectations on it making any difference. It sounded like b.s. to me. I have been in car audio for years and never really felt it necessary to worry about signal interference unless you run interconnects to close to power cables.

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like to know as well so i can clean up the spegetti on the floor of my HT.

Some of the “ultra poop high-end” cables don’t have any or very very very little isolation.
So they only touch amp terminal and speaker terminal, less issues and better sound. As they claim.
Same with power cables, nothing touches other cables. Specially in analog systems and speakers.

Since people are… just people (you know, Those people) and some of them are audiophiles.
Even if they have isolated cables, they lift cables cause it might sound better and some audiophile told so. In forums or in a Youtube video now days.
Having a leg’s thickness worth of different cables behind the tv-stand… im not that worried and every cable is well isolated and protected. :slight_smile:

Unless your carbet contains conductive fibers (sometimes the case in office spaces), I am 99% sure it won’t change a thing.

I know that sight.

Kinda reminds me of Scalextric’s lol.

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I get more a Brio feeling, for the age range:> 3 year.