Looking for an IEM around $300

Hi all,

I’m looking for a new IEM for max $300. Right now I have the T2 and the FH3 and this new IEM would be replacing the T2, so I think that what I’m looking for is something mid-centric and brightish.

The music I need it for is classic rock and acoustic music:
Pink Floyd, Queen, Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, YES, “Vincent”-Don McLean, etc

What I don’t need it for is what I use my FH3 for:
Yosi Horikawa, Arctic Monkeys - AM, anything with bass

So what I have been considering / am still considering ordered by likelihood I’m getting it ATM:

ThieAudio Legacy 5: If I understand it correctly, it’s like the Mangird Tea, except that it’s in stock and cheaper. And god do they look sexy, that red-purple one especially.

Mangird TEA: On paper this seems to be exactly what I need, however I’ve heard problems with “suction” and that’s a huge turn off for me. My girlfriend bought me the FA1 last year, but I can’t wear them because of the suction/vacuum and I will get ear-pain that doesn’t go away for a week after I’ve worn them for too long.

Tanchjim Oxygen: I have heard very good things, but not too sure yet about the Harman tuning which I don’t particularly like.

Thieaudio L4: BGGAR seems to like them and his library seems to be a great match with what I’m looking for. However the absence of vents on the inside worry me for the same reason as the Mangird TEA.

Thieaudio L3: Also looks very good from certain reviews, but unit variation along with rather bad reviews from people who got “the other” unit are a turn off. Especially since I can’t send them back easily.

FiiO FD5: Love how they look and the cable, but I fear they are more of an upgrade over the FH3 and not necessarily the best for this particular usecase. Suspicions confirmed.

Basically: the FH3’s bass shakes stuff loose inside me that has been stuck for years, now I’m looking for something that will hurt me on the other side of the spectrum. I want the guitar during “Bijou” by Queen to really make me feel stuff, or the moment in “Shine on you crazy diamond pt.1-5” where the guitar comes in @7:34 to hurt me in a good way.

If you have thoughts, recommendations or think I should really just save up and shoot for something more expensive, please let me know.

Thanks :smiley:

Tanchjim Oxygen :+1:

Those look gorgeous and quickly reading some reviews seem to check a lot of boxes. What scares me a bit is the Harman signature that I read multiple times. I had the Starfield which was also Harman tuned and I sold it because I found it very boring.
How do you find male vocals with the Oxygen? I’m thinking Freddy Mercury mostly and some Don McLean.

Clean and very detailed. Although for hip-hop vocals it might lack some thickness and warmth. But otherwise for something mid-centric and bright leaning it is perfect.

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I guess for hip-hop, which I don’t listen to too often anymore, I would grab the FH3 anyways. I have a medium large case where I can store 2 sets of IEMs and a BTR5 which I plan to take to work when the office is open again, so I need two IEMs that complement each other so I don’t need one perfect IEM.

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Yes, exactly. With the FH3 and the Oxygen you are pretty much covering everything. They complement each other very well.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll go listen to some reviews. But I must say going by Crin’s measurements they look scarily like the Starfields.

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I got both. The KXXS Is a lot peakier and unrefined than the Oxygen. They sound different despite the graph similarity.


Okay I’ve put them on the considerations-list. In your opinion, do the FH3 and FD5 complement each other or is the FD5 an upgrade over the FH3, making the FH3 obsolete? So I know whether I should take the FD5 of my list for now.

The FH3 and the FD5 are definitely closer to each other than the Oxygen to either of them.

So yes, it is more of an upgrade rather than a complement. (I myself use the FD5 over the FH3 for the genres they are good at.)

Although, I will make it clear that the FD5 is NOT the DIRECT upgrade to the FH3. Its just that they both play similar genres.


It’s basically Harman.