Looking for an in-between amp

Hello all,

I’ve recently purchased the HifiMAN Sundaras (Still in transit unfortunately) after stretching my budget a bit which unfortunately left me with little to spare for an AMP to drive them. The only thing I currently have is my x470 Prime’s on-board and a Focusrite Solo 3rd Gen which is currently driving my HD560s’ and a Rode Podmic.

So I’m looking for an in-between Amp. Something that’ll drive the Sundaras to an extent while I save up for a proper AMP + DAC. I’m not expecting any stellar quality from a very budget-oriented AMP, but that’s something I knew when I decided to blow my HP budget on the Sundaras.

Unfortunately, I’m as noob as they come when it comes to power requirements for the Sundaras or Planar Magnetics in general, but all I know is that they’re hard to drive. I currently run my HD560s at 9o’clock on the Focusrite Solo 3rd Gen and previously some DT880’s (250 Ohm) at 10-11 o’clock.

Is there anything Sub-50 Euro that’ll just help me drive the Sundaras while I gather funds for a proper AMP + DAC combo with a Balanced Cable?

I live in the Netherlands, which makes this entire question already a lot more difficult. A couple of sites I can order from are:



Any help is appreciated.

At that price range you might be good to get a used SMSL SAP 1 it. It would be most likely to be hard to find so, you could try it on the audio interface first. The audio interface would probably not sound as good when compared with a proper amp. But you could save 50euro to get a proper amp sooner.