Looking for an upgrade from Astros A40 TR

Hello! I am currently looking for an upgrade from my Astros A40 TR, I had bought them because supposedly they were the best gaming headphones at the time but for some reason they would be some things i can’t hear that my friend with $50 turtle beaches can hear. I am now branching out to “non gaming “ headphones because I heard those are the best for all things gaming. I am looking for the best headphones for FPS games like Warzone where footsteps, directional audio, and sound differentiation is important. I’m new to this so I don’t really know anything about sound stage or anything but i heard with warzone you want a small sound stage? I don’t have a budget, I just want the best of the best for soundwhoring and pinpointing my enemies location. I play on PS5 so I can’t really use anything that requires a large source for driving them. I also have the astros mixamp if that should be necessary.

The biggest thing you are missing out on is bloated bass compared to the cheap Turtle Beaches :smiley:

Two somewhat important questions:

  1. Do you need a microphone?
    Maybe you have something else you use anyway, if not, this should be considered.

  2. How noisy are your surroundings?
    While open-backs generally have a better soundstage and a more even signature, that is of little use when you sit in a steel mill while gaming :wink:

A wide open soundstage gives you a better chance to pinpoint where a sound comes from.
If it weren’t for the attached cable (= 3m/9ft long) and hit-or-miss headband system (it either works wonderfully for medium to large heads, or does not work at all), I could recommend the AudioTechnica ATH-AD500x.

While I have no experience with them, the ATH-PDG1 may be worth looking into.

From memory, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game did okay for positional. With the sliders fully open, I liked them more than the DT-770’s (also Beyerdynamic). Sliders closed the bass was a bit “muddy”.

If you don’t need a headset, the Beyerdynamic Tygr 300R get recommended from time to time. I have no experience with them.

In any sort of team game, having good communication with your team mates will likely yield better results than throwing money at the audio side of things.

I don’t need a microphone, I can get an external mic if necessary. I play in my room alone which is relevantly quiet. Which headphones do you use when gaming? I’ve heard a lot about AT but aren’t the mx50 the best of the brand when it comes to the gaming headset? I have good communication with my team but i can’t be of use if i have to give comms when guessing where a sound might be coming from. I also heard a lot about the DT 990s, how do they fare in my scenario?

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Hello! Upgrading from your Astros A40 TR can be a great move, especially if you’re aiming for superior audio quality in FPS games like Warzone. It’s interesting to note that even though the Astros A40 TR are highly regarded (you can find more details in this comprehensive recensione di Astro A40 TR, there are instances where certain sounds might be missed.

When it comes to non-gaming headphones, many audiophiles and competitive gamers recommend options with excellent sound clarity and directional audio capabilities. For FPS games, having a headphone with a well-defined soundstage is crucial. While a smaller soundstage can help in pinpointing enemies’ locations more accurately in a game like Warzone, it’s also important to have headphones that can handle directional audio with precision.

Considering you’re playing on a PS5, you should look for headphones that don’t require a high-power source to drive them. Models like the Sennheiser HD 660S or Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro are excellent choices. They offer great sound clarity and are often recommended for FPS gaming due to their ability to differentiate subtle sounds. Additionally, these headphones work well with devices that have moderate driving power, like the PS5.

Lastly, your Astro mixamp can still be quite useful in your new setup, as it can enhance the audio experience by providing better control over the sound. If you choose headphones that benefit from amplification, your mixamp could be the perfect accessory to ensure you’re getting the best audio quality possible.