Looking for an upgrade from current setup, New cans, maybe 2

Hi! To keep thinks simple I will state what I currently have and what I am aiming for.

My current setup:

  • Schiit Magni Modi stack. (would not mind an upgrade but its not my main priority, the schiit stack serves me well)
  • 58x Jubilees with Dekoni Choice leather pads. (gaming, media consumption and music)
  • Porta Pros with Yaxi Pads (mainly for portable use and ipad use)
  • DT 990 pro (I opened them and I think I messed up one of the drivers, sometimes a bit to aggressive for me, depending on the game)

I am looking for is new cans in order to take a step up from the 58x jubilees. Better imaging and soundstage mainly for competitive gaming. I have been reading a ton through old post and I have some in mind that I will list here, but let me know if there is something out there that fits my needs and I haven’t read about it yet. Also let me know if the dac/amp combo is fine for me or should I need to be looking for an upgrade in the near future.

My options (Btw budget is around 700$ ish I think if I go higher I would definitely need new gear to power and get the true potential of high end cans.)

  • Beyerdynamic TGYR 300r
  • Beyerdynamic Dt 1990s
  • HD 6xx (worried it would be very alike to the 58x jubilees)
  • Vokyl Erupts (Maybe buy a used pair, don’t really know if these stand up to the rest)
  • PC38x (Read a lot and they seemed to been hyped up and that others in this list are way better)

Let me know what you guys think, and if there is a pair I am totally missing, please feel free to recommend me it as well! Thanks!

Pull the 6xx from this list. Your suspicions are correct. Not enough difference.

thanks! I was afraid of that, just listed it there just in case, but definitely out of the question now.

How do they compare to the 660S? Are they on another level or just a bit better than the 58x and the 6xx?

It’s just small differences to me. The fact that you seek: “Better imaging and soundstage mainly for competitive gaming” and already own a Sennheiser 600-series, should disqualify them from being on the list.

Tygr seems like the right choice to me if available.

upgrade not needed less your going pretty high in price bracket…

nice starting collection… 990 are quite aggressive though… I would have to ask which ohms those are in? if 250 ohms… maybe try 600 ohms as the treble doesn’t attack you as much.

alike? sort of… loses soundstage, much more intimate, better vocals, bit less on the warmth and more balanced overall, somewhat better on the imaging

absolute 100% hard pass… during production they quietly changed portions of this headphone that practically destroyed this headphones sound signature and performance… you can replace the pads… but for it’s price tag there are much better options.

one of the best open back gaming headsets… but only headset wise… average soundstage, somewhat above average imaging, decent mic, lack of detail retrieval, poor separation, bit flabby bass, uncontrolled treble, just not that good for music and in some cases casual gaming.

These are fine, but if you find the 990 too aggressive I would caution against 1990 as it’s very aggressive as well… however, 1990 is more neutral than 990 and is more versatile in changing it’s signature through something simple like pad swaps.

when I sat and tested the 600 series sennheisers 660s easily had the best imaging and performance in FPS gaming than the others… it edged out but only slightly over them though… nothing to really warrant me saying it’s a must buy over the others for gaming purposes… sound quality however, I appreciated it more personally.

are they better than 58x jubilee? imaging yes absolutely, sound quality? definitely but I would hope considering the price difference and that it’s a later edition headphone, soundstage? absolutely not… very very narrow

this is quite vague… what exactly are you looking for that you would see as a step up from 58x? 58x are very good headphones… hard to really best for gamers if your looking for that mid centric balanced sound approach… I didn’t properly find something I would consider a true upgrade in comparison till I went to Focal

Just imaging and soundstage? look into beyerdynamic headphones… but the sound signatures are very different

990s in fact are the 250 ohm version but it just does not sound the same after I tried fixing then and ended up messing them up, so basically only one driver functions as it should.

Ok so vokyl are simple out of the question. So Pc38x, don really need a mic as I use a usb mic.

TGYR I believe they are a bit toned done from the 990s? Still very good imaging and soundstage? 1990s I like the fact that different pads can give you different and significant changes. Heard the Dekoni elite velour make them very smooth. TYGR I can pick up for 160$ and 1990 for 520$ both are on discount in Europe and my sister could bring them over in a month or so.

Yeah the change I want regarding the 58x is mainly on imaging, I feel sometimes the imaging on the 58x is great, but other times where there is more noise into the mix, other gunshots, cars rolling around, everything gets a bit messy. Don’t get me wrong I love them, but I would like something exclusively for competitive FPS (bigger map type).

Tygrs are a redone variant of the 990 yes just in low ohms… the signature is more of a subtle V and not so aggressive on the highs. It is still very good on staging and extremely good with imaging.

1990s are nice, not really needed but still very nice and yes do adapt quite nicely through pad swaps and other changes… they are however, quite expensive in comparison

then yeah, I think you will be just fine with one of the beyers

I just bought the 1990s with the dekoni elite velour pads. Let you know once I get to try them. Thanks for the help