Looking for an upgrade to the SHP9500's

Hey, pretty much just the title

I currently have a pair of SHP9500’s and i’m looking to upgrade. I’ve had these for a long time and absolutely love them, but i think a change in sound is needed

Any ideas on an upgrade up to $300?

What type of sound are you looking for? What do you like about the 9500s and what would you change? Also do you plan on grabbing an amp as well?

As of right now, i don’t have a plan for getting an amp. After reading reviews and listening to sound demos, something warm-sounding, like the AKG K712 Pros is more or less what i’m looking for. I game, so the tracking and position that the 9500s have is definitely what i love about it. I don’t think i’d change anything about them per se, i’m just looking for a new sound i guess

I personally don’t know if the 712 would be warm sounding to me but it is nice for gaming with it’s impressive stage width and also solid sound overall. They do really appreciate an amp though, so that might be something to consider. I think the beyer tygr 300 r seems up your alley and also runs fine without an amp from my experience (but again an amp helps them out), it would be warmer as well, compared to the akg you would loose a bit of stage width, but gain more stage accuracy and better placement, I think both are fairly detailed, but I actually think the 300 r might be a bit more refined