Looking for bassy headphones for listening (mainly) to EDM - have a few candidates and a budget of around 150€

I’m looking for headphones for listening to EDM (mainly dubstep and DnB). I also listen to rap, rock and sometimes other genres, but I wouldn’t like to choose the headphones based on that.
My current headphone setup consists of Beyerdynamic DT880 (250ohm) and a xDuoo MT-602 amp.

I bought the DT880 mainly for PC gaming, but of course started listening to music with them as well. However, I don’t find EDM and other bass heavy genres much enjoyable using the DT880, since it really isn’t meant for that. It is lacking the bass and is a bit too “critical” (don’t know if that’s the right term)

I have looked up some headphones already and I’m thinking about:

  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 (250 ohm) - would be familiar in terms of the fit, since I’m already using the DT880 about a year
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50X - cheaper than the DT770

Any kind of reccomendation or experience with the headphones I’ve meantioned is welcome.
My budget is around the DT770 - about 150€. I live in the Czech Republic and am able to order from Amazon Germany.

Thanks for help

I think there are a lot more options than just M50X (personally i can’t stand them) and the 770s.

Here are a few general recommendations

  • Meze 99 Neo, dark, very warm, very “fun” headphone.
  • Hifiman 400se, very decent bass with good overall dynamics
  • Sivga 006 (with a pad change) - a bit on the neutral side but after a pad chance they are warm with decent bass
  • Drop 58X , slightly V shaped but overall pretty good

And im pretty sure there are a lot more i dont know about, but you got lots of options

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My vote would go to a used Denon D2000, same driver as the Fosters below th900 level, and sounds super nice with the plastic cups, its a really fun headphone overall.

isn’t the Denon D2000 discontinued? i remember trying to find a pair way back but couldn’t seem to find any

Thanks for the recommendation. I will look onto those.

Can’t get those here. I could buy them from the US, but that’s a lot of additional bothering with customs etc.

Any particular reason?

It is, but there have been a few up for sale recently

Don’t see anyone selling em here

1More H1707

Wasnt aware that drop doesnt ship to the Czech Republic, but you could get the Sivga 006 from Aliexpress, pretty sure they ship there.

Boring as heck, they lack real character

Also not able to find it for sale anywhere.

Please keep in mind, I live in Europe

Yes, that’s possible, but it’s also a two month long wait + VAT.

Theres currently one on eBay in Germany and one in the us that you may be able to ask if they ship to you?

I am in sweden and bought it here.


Don’t see it. Could you send a link?


Where are you located in?

Proshop is in a few countries.


I guess they don’t ship to Czech Republic from that site. Did not find them on local sites as well as on Amazon.de

Maybe they would ship it from Germany, not sure tho…

Try contacting and asking them?

Thanks for the link

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