Looking for better imaging/soundstage headphones for competitive/open world fps's

So I’m looking for better imaging/soundstage headphones for competitive fps’s after using the 599 SE’s for a couple years. After starting to play more games like tarkov, apex and just open world fps’s I’ve started noticing that a lot of the times footsteps and the direction/depth of those footsteps get over shadowed a lot by other in game sounds especially when a lot is going on. I understand tarkov isn’t the best example because there’s alot of audio issues within it but just wanted to give a better general idea of the types of games I play. Right now i’m looking at the DT 900 pro x’s as my over the ear choice and then as for iem’s I’m looking at the kiwi ears orchestra lite’s, I’ve never used iem’s before but am very interested in trying them out. What do y’all think about this choices? Will they be good for what I’m looking for? If you have any other better suggestions let me know.

Have you had time to check this Topic, its pretty good shorted.

The Audio Technica ADH1000x will be a big step up over the 599’s. For IEM’s I also have the Final Audio VR3000 and those things are fun in Destiny 2. The soundstage surprised me for a pair of IEM’s. Not the best for music without equalizing, but most music players have one. Out of the box you can tell they’re tuned for gaming.

This absolutely I can agree to, in terms of competitive 1000x completely dominates 599s performance due to larger staging capabilities, an airier clearer signature, less bass issues(probably too much in terms of recessive bass imo though some eq can help balance it out a bit), and a very accurate imaging. My issue with this headphone was separation/layering during heated gun battles where it gets a bit harder to place some sounds… alternative would be something from akg like k702/k712 but this has some slight imaging inaccuracies as a trade off.

can check that too, its quite a bit outdated at this point but still for the most part relevant… seems things don’t change too often

Well, I won’t say that this won’t work… just that there is better options. 900 pro is pretty jack of all trades but I wouldn’t place this over say a DT 880 in terms of performance as they are very different in strong points. 900 pro though can be driven ampless and if thats your goal here then I would say sure go for it as it is a cut above the 599s