Looking for bright, detailed IEMs $100-$300 range

I’m thinking of getting either the Tin P1 or the shouer S12 since both are known to have nice treble especially for their price . What are some IEM’S in this price bracket with great treble you guys recommend/enjoy?

Etymotic ER2SE.

I strongly recommend NF NA2+ :sunglasses:

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I think the S12 is a great choice. Can’t really go wrong with it for the price imho.


LZ A6. Just be quick because they have been discontinued. But you can still find it at some AliExpress stores for 200 dollars.

They are gone, except stores that charge close to 400 usd for them…

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yeah, that one. Thats way too much. It was sold at around 200 usd before it got discontinued…


I remember buying mine for around 100 dollars during the 2020’s summer sale :sweat_smile:

wow! Thats super cheap. Was that perhaps no the A6 Mini? Cuz I never saw the A6 anywhere lower than 150 usd with coupons.

ops, sorry, it was close to 200 :sweat_smile: well…it’s still very cheap for what it offers, it was my endgame for a long time

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Me too and honestly I havent heard anything similar in the iem world that is beating it…

Although the 1More H1707 headphones reminds me of them.

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My current successor for the LZ A6 is the TRI Starlight, both are treble endgames, still the A6 is not that far behind. Even my Variations and the more expensive Kinera Nanna 1.0 aren’t as resolving and airy as those both. Although I find the sense of air in the A6 very unique and unmatchable to this day.

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