Looking for compact mixer

Confused introduction

This beeing my first thread on here and me probably beeing so blind I don’t see a category explanation, I just pray this is the right category.
That said, Hi!

Current Situation

My current cheapo mixer only has 2 stereo channels which leads to the constallation that my audio interface is hooked into the tape/CD input.
Currently my monitors are hooked to the passthrough of my headphone amp.

Source Mono/Stereo Note
Mainboard Stereo
Soundcard Stereo
Audio Interface Stereo has balanced or unbalanced out
USB Mic Mono

Where I want to be

  1. No software!
  2. Each source on its own volume slider/knob
  3. Seperate Main and Monitor outputs
  4. Pan-knobs on each channel are a must
  5. Not 19", needs to be desktop
  6. Main and Monitor need to be able to output unbalanced
  • optional: (EQ on the main is a plus, EQ on each channel is preferred though)

As a diagramm:

Products that could work

So far, I found three products that fit the bill

  1. Phonic AM440D

  2. Behringer Xenyx 1002B

  3. Mackie Mix12FX

As I do this for a hobby and not for a job, I would like to keep the spending low-ish without saving on the wrong end. If anyone has different suggestions to go about this, let me know.
Products need to be available in or ship to Germany.

Ideas, Suggestions and horror stories welcome!

Out of those options, I would go with the Mackie board, because they are super solid pieces

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You could also consider the Yamaha MG12XU, as it can run fully analog, but also has a usb input and output if needed. Might be a little big though

Edit: or the regular MG12 if you don’t want any digital

Something else that would be pretty nice would be the Allen & Heath ZED-10, also a really great mixer

15€ more than the other two.
I like the layout of the stereo section of it better than the one on the Phonic, the Behringer ticks the individual EQ though.

Those are a little too much for what I want to do.

Gotcha, didn’t know how much you needed. Behringer mixers are fine, albeit a bit cheap feeling, and honestly not as high quality as the mackie. If you really want eq, then I would say it’s fine, but if you can live without eq, the Mackie is what I would recommend

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I have some (limited) experience with semi-professionel equipment. As such, I know the “beginner” feeling that Behringer surrounds itself with.
Will try to find some reviews on the Mackie and Phonic.

Thanks for the advice.


Behringer components like mixers and interfaces are better then their speakers and mics imo, so it’s not like your getting a bad product if you go with one. I just thing the mackie is a more refined product if you don’t need the eq

Also, just curious what are you using this setup for? It looks pretty planned out and organized, which is good because you know exactly what you need. Some people when they start a studio setup don’t plan ahead and get burned after they purchase everything and then find an incompatibility or lack something they want to do.

It is mostly a convenience and learning thing.
Having voice chat, game audio and music on seperate knobs is just nicer than fumbling about with keyboard shortcuts. Then there is the fact I more often than not have mutliple computers running and getting alerted without having to have an extra set of speakers just made sense.

That is nice. It’s great to have something like this, because it usually just works and makes life easier :+1:

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