Looking for Competitive and Comfortable headphones

Hi all,

I’m looking for competitive and comfortable headphones. I mostly play FPS and BR games like PUBG, Super People, Apex, and Valorant.

I have a moderate budget. I also have the ATOM AMP+ and GoXLR.

Which of these headphones would you recommend for my setup?

  • DT 990 250 ohm
  • DT 880 600 ohm
  • Tygr 300r
  • or any other suggestions

Thank you in advance!

If you’re in one of the countries that beyerdynamic sells the Tygr by itself it’s an easy solution for your equipment.

check the guide or other commons that I bring up… 560s, 58x jubilee, 660s, 400se

any of the above. 990 is quite sharp though. as far as comfort goes I find beyer or sennheiser the best bet in most cases. 880 is probably the best bet in many uses less you dont plan to upgrade at any point.

By this do you mean upgrade my goxlr and atom amp+?

Would you recommend this over the 880 600ohm?

I know you didnt ask me but Im personally tempted to. but the 600 ohm 880 whoudl run fine. it wont be at “full potential” but it definitely has enough power to drive it loud it will just not asound as good as something more powerful

pretty much

^ thats why

different signature, better for those without equipment or low budget / not wanting upgrades. 880 has a more balanced signature overall and can be a bit more flexible through pad swaps than tygr… overall 880 600 ohm is a better headphone but tygr fills a particular niche for gamers

I think sivga sv021 is quite comfotable for long gaming time.
As for the sound, you need to try it out if you like it. I use it when I play God of War and Devil May Cry, and the experience is not bad.

So I pretty much narrowed it down to the dt 880 600ohm and dt 990 250ohm. I actually don’t plan on upgrading my atom/goxlr. Should I just go 990 then?

Would the dt 990 250ohm sound better with my set up? I’m not sensitive to treble or harsh sounds btw

I would go with the 880 250 ohm but if you want a bit more mid bass and are not sensitive to treble the 990 is definitely a decent option

yeah, but a lot state they arent sensitive to the treble only to find out 990 really is full on piercing to them. I want to second the 880 in this case… its just a better more flexible choice and it doesnt have the bass issues of the 880 for competitive gaming… that or the tygr but tygr doesnt scale