Looking for DAC advice

I am looking for advice on a DAC in the 250 to 350€ range.

  • Outputs: TRS, XLR or RCA works for me

  • Inputs: USB or Toslink

  • Amps: LakePeople G103-s and Emotiva A-100

  • Location: Europe/Germany

Local dealer has a Pro-Ject DAC Box S2+ and a “showroom” (= lightly used) Musical Fidelity M1DAC.
Both of these will be auditioned soon.

@M0N mentioned the Allo Revolution DAC.

Any other options I missed?
Any horror stories with one of the units listed above?

What typ of Sound you consider?

There are also the standard recommendations like the Schiit Modius or Geshelli JNOG / J2, but they probably aren’t as good as Allo Revolution + Shanti

Just want something that playes well with the G103.

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If u want synergy, there’s a chance u can find a Soekris 1321 at this price (350EUR) but it’ll probably have to be imported from the US and u gotta wait

I also heard from M0N that the Soekris/Lake People pairing was “legendary”.

I think he likes it. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Hazi59 loves it for sure. Personally I prefer the Ares II (with G111) but that’s twice the price

There is a soekris 2541 on head-fi in Europe - not sure of your budget, and is probably overkill.

That is about 3x over budget.

sri just re-read your post.

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Curve ball rec here, what about the Chord Mojo? No clue about synergy with your current amps but the DAC seems pretty high performing for its price point if you like the sound. It technically meets all your requirements because it can be had used in your price range, you can run line out (sort of) from the 3.5mm and just use a 3.5mm to RCA cable, and it also has Toslink and USB in. Plus you get the added benefit of having a pretty solid mobile combo unit for if you need to take it on the go.

Spontaneously I would have said
Ify zen dac
Topping E30
Smsl m200
The Allo doesn’t look bad either.
Topping D30 will be slightly over budget but not necessarily wrong.

Would be my suggestion considering the G103 is probably typically German neutral tuned and apart from functionality a bit of warmth couldn’t hurt.
Alternatively, I would have said check Audiophonics.com and see if you can find something appealing.

Not a fan of Topping after the way the handled and “fixed” the L30 situation.

I have no need for mobile anything. Will look into the Mojo though.


Yes, you are right.
The Dac also had something wrong with the interpolation, which was also fixed for information only.
With the L30, I would certainly leave it alone.
I don’t think it’s a big deal for the E30.

Otherwise, if Mon says the Allo is a good choice, you can definitely trust him.
His suggestions have always been very helpful and correct and have never disappointed.

With the Allo, it would still be good to know with smpt or without ?
Probably with, but also consider the import and VAT for Germany.

Allo Revolution via Audiophonics is 260€.

PSU wise, I could use one of my bench PSUs as a temporary solution and get something dedicated later on.

For the same money, I could get the ProJect DAC I also mentioned in the OP. AFAIK both DACs use the same chip, but the ProJect has more flexibility on the input (just USB vs USB/Optical/SPDIF).

Yes, well, you’ve actually helped yourself if the Project has the better connectivity, it wouldn’t be wrong to give it a try.:v:

The Pro-ject DAC was very well received and also dual mono, which is either rare or never even seen before in this price range.