Looking for DAC/AMP for TYGR 300R

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I have recently acquired the TYGR 300R and I am currently using Micca Origen+. I am looking for an upgrade on the DAC/AMP front. The current DAC/AMPs I am interested in are:

  • Modi / Magni stack (Heresy)
  • Topping E30/L30 stack
  • Loxjie D30

The drawback with the Schiit is that they are almost impossible to get a hold on in Europe, unless I want to ship it from the US, and that would probably stretch my budget by some. Thus I am a bit thorn between the Loxjie and the Topping E30/L30 stack, as I have understood it the Loxjie has the superior DAC but the AMP is a bottleneck. The price difference between the Topping and Loxije is negligible, ~270€ for the Topping stack (deal ends today) and ~250€ for Loxjie. Are there any other combos you would recommend in the same price range?

The AMP of Loxije would probably be enough for the TYGRs since they are not that hard to drive, but I am considering an upgrade for future headphones as well :smiley:

I will be using this combo for gaming and listening to music.

How much would a JDS Labs Atom+ stack cost to be shipped to Europe?


280€, so yea, that does look to be in the same price range as well.

I own that stack. Clean power for a very good price – 1 watt at 32 ohm. Sure, you can get a lot more power, which will increase dynamics. But that power output is more than enough for most headphones.

Alright, thanks for the suggestion. Will consider this one also then. You just made my choice even harder :smiley:

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