Looking for DAC that can do 2.1 for desktop

Sorry i really dont understand DACs or even how to set them up for my desktop. I have JBL 530s and a crown 1002. after watching z reviews i wanna add either the emotiva s8 or s12 but not sure how i would do that. Do i even need a DAC if im going to my computer? I was looking at the Origen G2 or even IFI zen dac but not sure how i would even hook it up. I watched his emotiva s12 video where he was talking how to set it up to passive speakers but i kinda didnt understand it. thanks

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MinidspHD ? Scratch that the amp has the crossovers built in.

You need to convert the source digital output signal from the computer into analog input RCA to the amplifier. does your computers soundcard have RCA analog output ? Think Z mentioned with the emotiva sub if you go computer-DAC-sub-amp, it will high pass the signal cutting off the bass to the speaker amp.

The DAC that you get will take your audio signal out of your computer (either via USB or Optical(SPDIF)
It will output analog signal via stereo RCA cables into your (A PREAMP OR HEADPHONE AMPO ACTING AS A PREAMP) Emotiva sub, then RCA cables out of your Emotiva sub into your Crown XLS 1002.

With everything that you listed, you don’t have a desktop volume control in-place. The ifi Zen DAC would offer that, although its connections are a little different.

I love the Schiit Sys passive preamp if your cable runs are pretty short. I prefer this kind of analog control (it also gives you a separate analog input with switch) at hand rather than digital adjustment of the DAC.

Lots of flexibility with what you have in-place. Are headphones at all a part of this desktop setup?

so computer > DAC > emotiva sub > crown? thats how i would wire it? i was looking at the schitt magni but its sold out on amazon

sorry yes headphones will be in the mix too

Then your headphone amp MUST have a variable preout and goes in between the DAC and the sub. Perfect.

Let’s throw some stuff out the window.

You don’t need a dac to do what you’re thinking. Too complicated.

Here’s how the wiring would look from end to start:

Speakers > via speaker wire > sub > via speaker wire > speaker amp > via RCA > dac(and/or headphone amp) > via usb > computer.

ifi Zen Dac, for example, would plug into computer, then just RCA out to the crown amp. Set the switch on the back to “fixed” and you can control the output from the knob on the Zen Dac.

Question is… what is the Crown amp connected to right now? 0_o

crutchfield had the crowns 1002 on clearance last year for 199, i bought 2 and they are both in the box unopened. my plan was to use them for DIY VBSS subs, which are also in the box unopened. ive given up on building them for now . i literally have no use for them as i was more curious how 18’ PA subs would sound since they get so much praise in the diy forums of a different website.

Keep forgetting the amp has crossover and can be monoblock. Use both amps for that headroom. Lol

Yes this is the right chain computer > dac > emotiva sub > crown > jbl speakers
about the dac every dac will work since you need just 2 channels, the emotiva has a build in crossover so you can avoid to buy a dsp ro an exsternal crossover it will be worth only if you want more control.

Could you go computer-DAC-amp-amp line out-sub?

I don’t know if the crown has a direct line output but even if it does is not really the best option because the speakers will reproduce the full range

The amp has high and low pass i think, remember when Z did a review on his setup. Ok thought the link/out was RCA.

The sub has ins & outs, the Crown does not have RCA outputs to chain off of.
The Crown has lovely built in xover options to HPF to the stereo speakers. The sub has a built in LPF.

I don’t know about what amp we are talking about because there are differents crown 1002 (xti xls) but better use a single crossover and avoid an hpf from the amp and an lpf from the sub. So if the amp can split the signal in 2 signals one with a hpf for the speakers and one with a lpf for the sub is ok

sorry its the xls model

yeah the crown has a 30hz filter

If it has only the 30hz filter and not a crossover the best solution is
Computer > DAC > sub > amp > speakers
And set the crossover frequency on the sub

Yeah, rewatched Zs review. Computer-dac-sub-amp- filter out to speakers.