Looking for Desktop Speakers ~500-1000

I’m looking for an upgrade from my Q150s.

Requirements(read desires, i’m flexable):

  1. detail, all of it.
  2. bass, not over powering but there, already supplemented by a sub.
  3. Bookshelf speakers, that can fit in the space pictured.

Setup (because it’s relevant):

  1. Element III fed via optical from PC.
  2. Schiit Vidar
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emotiva b2+ or polk r200

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You can find the KEF LS50s for that price used or on sale. I don’t know how they fare size wise compared to the Q150s, but I absolutely love mine and they are some of the most detailed and all around impressive bookshelf speakers I have ever heard.

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Im just here to say you setup gives me anxiety :slight_smile:

I hate you, you recommend a speaker already on my radar, then go and suggest if “you can find it for that price” MAN, between you, Amazon and Andrew Robinson like… you forced my hand.

Still looking for speaker recommendations. incase the LS50 meta’s aren’t my jam.


LOL :joy: I got the LS50s as a present from my girl right after they came out and set them up next to our main computer. We both liked them so much that we now have a second pair in our bedroom. I couldn’t be happier with them.

FWIW, I listen to mostly various rock genres, jazz, blues, and classical while my girl listens to a lot more vocal works, electronic stuff, pop, etc. We also use them for movie and TV watching. She and I both have headphone, IEM, and earbud collections that are pretty divergent because we tend to have different tastes and uses. The LS50s do everything pretty effortlessly, especially when combined with a good sub (though the bass is quite good without one), so it is one of only a handful of transducers that we both really dig.

Edit: if it’s not asking too much, come back and let me/us know how they work out for you.

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OMG i hate you more now… like there are things about these speakers that i’ve not really heard since my EPH-100sl broke. like Listening to Covenant’s We Stand Alone, i can hear the particular characteristics of the mike the lead singer is using along with the pops and the breaths… like holly fuck, OUT OF A SPEAKER!! the power and the body is like amazing, and it’s detailed to all get out. it’s making my sub sound like crap though… why you do this?
thank you
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Dude, somehow I almost missed your post. I’m stoked that you’re diggin’ the LS50s. They aren’t cheap, but they back up that price tag with some pretty ridiculous performance, IMO. I do much more listening over headphones, IEMs, and earbuds, but when I do listen over speakers I am pretty routinely surprised by just how good the LS50s are. I mean, you look at them and see a relatively unassuming pair of bookshelf speakers, but listen to them and it’s immediately clear that they’re in a whole different universe from your average bookshel or desktop speakers.

Anyways, I’m happy that my advice paid off for you. I love sharing experiences and it’s gratifying to see it make for some musical happiness in someone else’s life. Here’s to you and your LS50s having a long and happy musical journey together! :beers:


Question, do you have the matching sub for them?

I have the KEF KC62 with one of my sets. It’s all black and it’s the one my friend who’s way more into speaker based system rec’d. It has the same curved line design language so I think it probably is the matching sub.

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ok, so… how powerful is it? when you turn up the volume can you feel the kick dump in your chest? does it feel like the front row of a concert?

I’m not a huge basshead so I don’t think I have ever actually turned it all the way up, but the thing is obviously very powerful. It’s a pretty small box, but it kicks and it puts out some seriously heavy vibes. It helps that it actually has two drivers as well. Also, the overall quality and transient characteristics match the LS50s very well so it spunds like you’re listening to one cohesive system rather than disparate components.

When I get home I can turn it all the way up and see if it causes earthquakes or whatever if you want lol! :joy:


Thank you!!!

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No problem, bro. Give me a couple hours and I’ll let you know. In the meantime maybe you can do me favor and answer my question about your Yamahas in the other thread. I’m really diggin’ their look so I’m thinking about possibly giving them a shot.

Turned all the way up it makes me feel like my eyeballs are about to vibrate put of my head. I can definitely feel bass drum strikes deep in my chest. Everything in my room and on the walls is vibrating like crazy. And on top of all of that, the bass somehow manages to stay pretty clean and tight. Overall very impressive and I have a hard time believing anyone would find it to be anything less.

If you have any questions just let me know.

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Probably not :smile: even close.
Even if i compare concert experience with Studio gear of 2x12" subs and 2x12" mid-bass blasting full tilt at home to a concert row… No mate. They not the same or even close.
The of feeling of trouser legs flapping and t-shirt flapping in ur back just aint there. :sunglasses:

With good PA-gear and with enough power at home… you are getting there but still.
There is no replacement for displacement even with speakers.


Listening to Dark side on the Meta’s is like… WOW. Got to love tidal.

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Ahh… you are going over 1000 dollars. already with the LS50 Meta. Hmm. that changes things a bit.

Ok, just ignore everything I posted earlier ;D
The Kef’s are a good choice for just above 1k.
You may have fun watching a review for the speakers you just bought (I do that sort of thing a lot)

no like, i liked your suggestions, and find them helpful, i wasn’t planning on spending money on the metas but… i mean i wasn’t trying to spend that much on them. I still appreciate your suggestions and would take them for later reference or for others to consider. please don’t remove what you suggested.

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Well, i just didn’t want to confuse the issue. The Kef’s you bought are great speakers, Likely better than what I had put in. So if you are fine with spending the amount you did, then stick with those.

But because you asked the two speaker sets I suggested were: Vanatoo Transparent One Encore (600-700 dollars for the pair), and Genelec 8320a. I just checked again though, and I had the price wrong on the Genelec’s because they sell not by the pair, but per speaker. So i shouldn’t have suggested those, because for a pair of them would be closer to 2k…

But like I said, if you are happy with the Kef LS50’s, then stick with those =)

I personally don’t know of any better speaker below 1k that can outperform Vanatoo’s, but the Kef’s are over 1k. soo, there you go =)

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