Looking for durable $50 IEM

Hey Everyone,

I’m looking for some recommendations for relatively cheap IEMs. My girlfriend’s earbuds that she got with her phone broke and since she knew I was into audio, asked me for replacement recommendations. The issue is that I don’t know IEMs too well so I’m hoping you all can point me in the right direction!

She doesn’t quite know what sound signature she prefers, she just wants a full sounding IEM and one with a larger soundstage. From her limited knowledge of audio she does like using my DT770 250 with atom amp if that helps draw any sort of baseline. She listens to indie, folk, jazz, swing, pop, alternative, and synthwave, as well as lots of videos. She does a fair amount of running so she’s looking for something that will stay fully in her ear for long periods of time without bothering her. And a pair that is built well as she does drop things. Additionally, she would like a mic if possible, but that isn’t a deal breaker.

My initial thought were the Tin T2 because so many people were talking about how they were THE IEM to get if your budget was that low, though people have been raving about the Blon BL-03 and BL-05, but it sounds like I would have to get a replacement wire and tips for those in order to make them work. Please let me know where I should go from here and if you need additional info let me know! Thanks!!

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I’ve had both the t2 and blon 03. Both r great in different ways, however fit is a bit suspect for most people with the blon . I would say that the t2 is similiar in terms of clarity to the DT 770 but has less bads. If your gf seems to like the clarity and detail of the beyers I would rec the t2 over the blons easily sound wise. If she’s a bass head the blons imo. The blon does have some better things like tonality, timbre but she probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in tonality so it’s probs not a big deal. When it comes to the genres she listens to, PERSONALLY I prefer the blons however once again, that’s only because I’ve heard both that I prefer them for different reasons. Ultimately both are great.

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Thanks for the fast reply! It seems like detail is really what she wants over anything else so that sounds like the T2 would be the better choice. How were they with staying in your ears? As I said before, she does run often and is worried about them falling out of her ears. Additionally, if ordering from linsoul, you have an option of getting a different wire. What are the main differences between the Tripowin zonie and the C8? which one would be the most durable? Thank you!!

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They’re not bad for me as far as fit goes, but after a few hours the shape gives my ear a bit of a sore spot from rubbing against my outer ear. I think the T2+ has a slightly more ergonomic housing if you can up your budget to $59.

As far as sound signature goes, the T2 is pretty good. It doesn’t ruin vocals like most IEMs in the sub $200 range. I preferred it over the Moondrop Starlight for that reason.

Fit for the t2 is pretty great and I love the stock tips but they are massive so if u have small ear canals make sure to buy some smaller tips. I mean the stock tips might do fine to fit her but they really are big and thick so make sure to get some silicone tips for smaller ear canals (actually I believe they include smaller silicone tips in the box) as for the cable I not sure tbh

Yeah I do agree in terms of the fit, no issues with the T2s when you change it with the silicon tips because the stock foam tips that I had with it was too big for my ears, but if your ear holes are just the right size for it then it’s overall a good fit. I had some issues with my BL03s when I am using the stock tips, and because of that I have to use the MH755’s ear tips in order to make it fit well in my ears.

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I would recommend KZ ZS10 pro. They fit well with the right tips (everybody is different), are very sturdy for drops and running (I run with them) and they have decent clarity and pretty defined bass. Also they isolate very well and can be used on long flights.


Thank you everyone for your input! I really appreciate it. How are the Tin T2 in terms of durability? Has any one had significant drops with them or anything?

I hadn’t even thought of the KZ, that sounds like it might be right up her ally. Did you find that you had to change the wire with them? Right now on Linsoul’s website, you can get the Tin T2 with the Tripowin C8 for $60. For the KZ ZS10 pro, they only have the Zonie wire in stock with the appropriate connector for a total of $61.

Maybe Jade Audio EA1? I find them really good in terms of sound and build quality. And they only cost 30$ on Amazon.


The stock wire is acceptable it’s light but can be difficult to straighten out. In spirit of transparency I use the tripwon C8 cable as I do like to use them balanced with my ES100. Also traveling from Japan to the US I stick with the stock cable for in flight entertainment so like I said it’s acceptable.

Jade Audio EA3 or EA1. If you ever need a cable replacement, you can alway do that, and you are sparing around 20 bucks from your 50 USD budget.

Take a look at Tinhifi T2 plus and Blon bl05s.

I’ll second the ZS10 pro. Mine are definitely scratched up but they’re a solid set. Really good sound for the money as well. Other than that, I’ll probably be the only person to recommend the Moondrop SSR, but only if you’re into a heightened midrange.

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